Ten Of The Biggest Cricket Stadiums In The World: Home To Many Passionate Fans

Australia and Asia are not the only places where there are a lot of cricket fans. There are also a lot of cricket fans in some parts of Europe and Africa. It has grown over the years to become as popular on TV around the world as soccer and other major sports. It is now played in many places around the world. Some cricket grounds are among the biggest in the world, which is not something everyone knows. This post will show you the 10 biggest cricket stadiums in the world, based on how many people they can hold. It will also give you some of the most important facts about cricket. Check for today women’s cricket match highlights world cup to know more about the players.

  • Narendra Modi Stadium

The current Narendra Modi Stadium used to be called the Sardar Patel Stadium. It opened in February 2020, where the Motera Stadium used to be. It is the most famous cricket stadium in the world, and it can hold 110,000 people, making it the biggest stadium of its kind in the world. When it was first built in 1982, the stadium could hold up to 49,000 people. The building went from being able to hold 42,000 people to being able to hold 54,000 people until it was torn down in 2015. In February 2020, President Donald Trump led the ceremonies to officially open the brand-new stadium. The first international cricket match was held there on February 24, 2021, the following year.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground.

People often say that the MCG is the best place in the world to watch cricket. The first Test Match was played there in March 1877, and the annual Boxing Day Test Match is still played there today. It is one of the most upscale cricket stadiums in the world because it can hold 100,024 people, has the best corporate facilities, gives fans a wide range of food and drink options, and has great facilities for the players. The site is beautiful because it is close to the centre of Melbourne’s business district.

  • Eden Gardens.

Eden Gardens, which is India’s most famous cricket ground, can hold up to 66,349 people at once until the year 2020. The stadium was built in 1864, but it wasn’t until January 1934 that the first cricket game was played there. India and England were the two teams. Eden Gardens is often called “the Mecca of Indian cricket” because it is the centre of Indian cricket.

  • Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Stadium.

The Shaheed Veer Narayan Stadium was torn down in 2016 to make room for the Naya Raipur International Cricket Stadium, which opened that same year. This is where the home games of the Indian teams Chhattisgarh and Delhi Capitals are played most of the time. The brand-new Naya Raipur stadium in Chattisgarh, India, was opened in 2008 and has enough seats for 65,000 people. In 2010, there was a cricket match between the Canadian national team and the Chhattisgarh cricket team at Shaheed Veer Narayan Stadium. Since there hasn’t been an international match here yet, this arena hasn’t been put through its paces.

  • Optus Stadium

The Optus Stadium is the newest and second-largest Test match cricket stadium in Australia. It can hold up to 60,000 people. Since it opened in 2018, it has also been the new home of the AFL for the state and has been the site of Big Bash League games. The old WACA Ground has been replaced with a facility that is up to date with cutting-edge technology and offers first-rate services in all operational areas.

  • The Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

At the R G International stadium, there is enough space for 55,000 cricket fans. The Indian city of Hyderabad has a 63-acre stadium called the RG stadium. The vast majority of matches in the Indian Premier League are played here. Several Hyderabad and Indian teams play at the stadium, including the Deccan Chargers and the Sunrisers Hyderabad. The Indian Premier League championship game was held here in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

  • Greenfield International Stadium

The Greenfield International Arena can hold a wide range of events, like football games, and can seat up to 55,000 people at once. Even though it was started in 2014, the first cricket game didn’t happen until November 2017, when India played New Zealand.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Because of this stadium, Kochi, Kerala, is now home to a lot more sports than just cricket games. On April 1, 1998, India and Australia played the first ever One-Day International (ODI) match at this site. The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium isn’t just for cricket games; many other things happen there. When it first opened in 1996, the arena could hold up to 55,000 people.

  • The DY Patil Sports Stadium

Residents of India enjoy both football and cricket just as much. Even though it was finished in 2008, an international cricket match has not yet been held in this multi-use stadium that can hold 55,000 people. Even so, the last two Indian Premier League games were played here in 2008 and 2010.

  • Adelaide Oval stadium

The Adelaide Oval, which is also a well-known stadium, opened to the public for the first time in 1871. In December 1884, Australia and England played a test match in the oval-shaped stadium, which could hold up to 53,583 people. The contest was open to people from all over the world. After major renovations were finished in 2014, it became the largest stadium in South Australia and is now where Australian football is played in the state. It has been fixed up so that it has the same kinds of amenities as a hotel.

These stadiums can accommodate thousands of people at a time and are best stadiums to watch a match.

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