Why is betting on sports like tennis so hard?

Tennis is a sport that has become difficult to bet on due to its increasing popularity. Many eyes are analyzing every move of this sport. Hence, this makes it hard to bet, especially for beginners. For an easy and breezy betting experience, we have created this brief guide to help you build a deeper understanding of the how-to-dos of tennis betting.

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Tennis Betting Strategies:

Here, we present to you some of the online tennis betting strategies that will help you stay ahead of the betting game:

  • Know about Surfaces

Tennis has 3 types of surface: hard court, clay, and grass. You must know which surface your player is suited for, as different players are fit for other surfaces.

Clay courts are much slower than the others as the ball tends to bounce higher, making it the best for the defensive players and the players who like to play from the baseline.

Grass courts, in contrast to clay courts, are the fastest surface has the ball bounce pretty low. This is great for big servers and players with an aggressive style who like to play close to the net.

Lastly, hard courts have the best bounce, making them ideal for both offensive and defensive players.

  • Invest in Live Bettings

Tennis is perfect for live betting due to its frequent breaks in the play, which allows sportsbooks to update odds after each point and offer various markets.

The popularity of tennis betting is also driven by the sport’s ability to see the momentum swing back and forth during a match, which is effectively captured in live betting. When the favourite faces setbacks like losing a break of serve, the moneyline odds adjust accordingly. Live betting odds update every point, and experienced bettors can take multiple positions within a single game.

  • Keep Tabs on the Weather

The weather has a pivotal impact on the game’s outcome. Rain has the most impact as it leads to long pauses in the game, which makes the players lose their momentum. Hot weather also affects the game as the players get drained quicker.

Dos & Don’ts of Tennis Betting


  • Collect updates from the news. There are various sports news channels and newspapers that cover tennis news. These are great sources to gain updates on the sport.
  • Take advantage of the underdog. These underdogs are hard to spot but give out great opportunities to capitalise.
  • Combine all bets into a single one. Parlaying your bets is a great way to maximise your profit.


  • Keep your feelings in check. You might have some favourites, but always weigh the odds before betting.
  • Stay calm. Betting can become quite addicting, especially if you have consecutive winning sessions. Do set a budget for these online tennis bettings to be on the safe side.


It is undoubtedly hard to predict the tennis odds, making it equally harder for the bettors. But, we have covered in this article a few solid strategies that will help you level up your betting skills. If you follow these stratagems, you can ace the bettings of any tennis betting website.

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