Woman Stepping into Sports and Taking it to new Heights

The gap between males and females in leadership roles is diminishing, and the stereotype has gone beyond traditional beliefs nowadays. In the old days, women had to face too many hard times to keep themselves on top of the world and make a mark for themselves, striving against all odds. Besides, women were underrated as being low social status level, incompetent and irresponsible to do their jobs.

However, people began to realize their false assertions about women as more and more women leaders are in charge of the country’s most pressing parts these days, even better than their male counterparts. Similarly, woman athletes are gaining more popularity than males in terms of mental state, muscle endurance, self-esteem, confidence, and record-breaking results. Therefore, it is claimed that women are getting stronger, and they are becoming more and more ambitious with their continuous efforts. To support this cause of making it easier for women to proceed in sports, many organizations started awarding sports scholarships.

Rachel Mclish was the first-ever Miss. Olympia and an epitome of fashionable elegance of that era, was born on June 21, 1955, in Harlingen, Texas, USA. At the age of seven, she dreamt to be a professional ballet dancer, so she took classes extensively until she entered Harlingen High School. At that time, people regarded beauty as the most crucial part of a person and cheerleading started to catch on among young ladies, her passion for looking-good developed gradually after she was considered as a thin and gorgeous physique.

In addition, She was also allowed to join the cheerleading squad and became twice-named Cardinal’s Football Sweetheart. But one day, while she was watching her father working out, Rafael Elizondo, who was also a well-known bodybuilder, she suddenly realized that she wanted to be awed by strength and muscularity. From then on, she began to seek love for fitness and focused on health, following her father’s footsteps. This is one of the best women inspirational stories so far.

During her college year, she craved joining a gym to lift weights, yet it turned out that she could not afford the membership fees. As a result, a health club in McAllen, Texas offered her a ray of hope as a fitness

instructor so that she could pay for her schooling and gym club dues. It was during these years at university that ignited her burning ambition to pursue it as a career. By the time she earned her bachelor’s degree in physiology, health, and nutrition from the University of Texas-Pan American in 1978, she was offered to work as a manager there. After a couple of months, the owner of the center and she formed a partnership, and later, she deeply deliberated to launch a big health center, named Sport Palace Association in her hometown by using her higher education. With the serious success of this center, two more branches were opened in Corpus Christi and Brownsville in 1980.

Before Rachel met her role model Lisa Lyon, who was also a bodybuilding legend, she did not have the desire to compete. However, no sooner did Lisa open the door for her interest in that sport with some pep talks and the club manager, Javier Gutierrez, encouraged her to participate than she decided to take up this demanding task. Ultimately, her hard work paid off, she won the contest with her astounding and spectacular physique, etching her name on the history books as the first-ever Ms. Olympia.

Meanwhile, this victory made Rachel appeared on cover pages of fitness magazines for the next four years despite being taken second to Kike Elomma in 1981’s Ms. Olympia contest. At the same time, Dynamics Health Equipment Manufacturing Corporation wanted to sponsor her because of her breakthroughs. Also, she was later considered a new American icon who eliminated the myth of female bodybuilding as being unattractive and made this misapprehend sport popular globally till now.

When she was 29 years old, she retired from the competitive bodybuilding and soon became an author. Rachel’s fitness career was short, and she did not compete as a bodybuilder for very long but she has never scored lower than third place in every competition she attended. At her final contest in 1984, she was dethroned by  Cory Everson, who carried more muscle mass than Rachel did and her body was similar to men’s division. In January 1999, she was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

Her retirement from this sport freed her to try her hand at a writing career, which became prosperous with the two best-selling books Flex Appeal and Perfect Parts. The general intention of these two books aimed to bolster the confidence of women, following their fitness goals, and create a fantastic physique. They both earned rave reviews and are still selling even 20 years after the publication owing to containing health and diet tips she utilized personally when she was preparing for the competition.

She didn’t find struggle sticking at her diet plan thanks to her education and her parents, who only consumed healthy eating habits. Similarly, she took a unique approach to her diet and nutrition plans as soon as she entered the bodybuilding career. Even though she is never a calorie counter, she still can maintain her body shape without following a strict diet. This is because she takes the reaction of the food on her body into consideration after it is digested instead of limiting the amount of food she consumes and avoids eating her favorite food.

To conclude, Rachel Mclish was a crucial representation of a female bodybuilder, who shed some light on this obscure sport to be famous all over the world by her well-defined physique. Despite her early life being demanding and taxing, she overcame all the challenges with her earnest mind and raw sincerity. Finally, she ended up becoming the earliest, Ms. Olympia. Albeit she retired from the bodybuilding career, she empowers women to take up weight training and stick to a healthy diet either via books or magazines across the globe. Undeniably, she is one of the most recognizable female bodybuilders of all time because of her natural beauty and charisma. She reaped what she sowed.

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