It’s time to use technology to help football referees

Thierry Henry escaped punishment yesterday for his infamous handball attack against Ireland in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup final.

According to FIFA, “the striker who won the 1998 World Cup does not have the power to punish him because the rules forbid him to do so unless the referees of the match see the original offense.”

In fact, an organization that could claim up to $ 100 million in allowances from any country at the next World Cup would fail if it were deemed unable to help in such a situation. In fact, there will be no controversy unless only FIFA takes into account many other professional sports, that is, the use of video playback technology to connect football referees. Only the highest FIFA levels and God knows what prevents the strongest games from using technology to improve the game.


Many leading critics argue that the status quo in the work of referees in football must be maintained in order for human error in the game to remain within the game. strongly opposes the use of any technique to assist football referees. In today’s world, traditional people like Blatter need to be replaced by the promotion of sport.

In fact, FIFA has been responsible for all legal disputes over the last century.

 My situation has deteriorated over the last two decades since high-speed video playback technology has allowed live television to broadcast all the wrong judgments in the world. How can drivers, players and fans be accused of being angry when they see a penalty kick blocking a football referee? Or was the final victory due to a bad decision by the referee? Worse, all of these sentences resulted in death and death, and the judges committed serious crimes that threatened with death and were forced to retire.

Do you remember the Swedish football referee Anders Frisk in 2005 after the controversial Champions League match between Barcelona and Chelsea? He had to resign after a bad decision that eventually led to Chelsea’s death. He says there is no point in continuing … The safety of me and my family is more important than anything else. The last few weeks have been the worst of my life. “Football lost a very good referee that day. Can we blame him? who led this public attack for poor performance? FIFA must also take great responsibility.

It is frightening that such injustice is also developing in the younger age group.

 The resources of the referees are limited, and at the lowest and youngest level of competition in football, young players and TV directors also experience phenomena that challenge the decisions of the referees in football and create conflicts. It is now acceptable to punish a judge for making the right or wrong choice, depending on which side he or she is in favor of. It is not told about the game. What kind of 해외스포츠중계 do we teach young people? What referee standards are expected to rise if the football profession remains the quietest in the world?

FIFA has always supported the decisions of football referees, good or bad

. However, this type of support does not provide practical support for judges at all levels. Judges need to know that they are really human and can make mistakes. If these mistakes can be corrected in time in the game with the help of technology and attractiveness, it is feared that many footballers will not be reluctant to criticize the bad levels of referees. Technology allows it, but unfortunately the agency does not. FIFA woke up before someone was killed for a bad punishment. You don’t have to get to this point. After all, football is a good game.

Jimmy Tong has worked as a bodybuilder in Singapore for the past 13 years and graduated with a degree in sports science and physical education.



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