The importance of electric bicycles for the future of urban mobility.

Those who travel through large centers know that one way to escape traffic is to use bicycles as a means of transport. In addition to cars, motorcycles and buses, now the scenario is also filled with electric vehicles such as the bicycle, considered a global trend.

But despite the benefits, there are some negative points that end up weighing on you when choosing the bicycle as your daily companion, such as arriving tired and sweaty at your destination, making an effort to climb hills and taking longer to cover the route.

However, a solution that can solve, or at least alleviate these problems with safety, comfort and better cost-effectiveness is electric bicycles. Today, with just a few clicks, we can easily buy the best budget electric bike.

Expenses with fuel and maintenance, bus tickets, metro and parking, have positioned the electric bicycle as a cheap alternative to other means of transport. The use of bicycles as a form of transport is growing in our country. But for people who need to travel through sloping terrain, for example, or who travel long distances and don’t have good physical strength, electric bicycles have become an increasingly affordable and comfortable option. As these bicycles are increasingly efficient and practical, the cyclist has an extremely agile and versatile means of transport.

In international markets, for example, the electric bicycle receives higher tax incentives as they bring social benefits of great importance to the entire population, in addition to making travel more practical and sustainable.

Below we list the 4 main advantages of the electric bicycle for urban mobility. Check out!

  1. Sustainability

A city that has sustainable transport alternatives becomes a healthier city. One of the best options for contributing to sustainability is e-bikes. According to studies, when cycling you can save up to 360g of CO² per month.

  1. Economy

Another important factor is the savings that e-bikes generate. Conventional vehicles generate large expenses with fuel, parking and even fines. Considering a 70kg person using an average power, his bicycle will have an autonomy of 50km, for a value of $ 0.1 spent on recharge energy. To travel the same distance by car, an average of $ 0.5 would be spent. Not to mention the difference in maintenance expenses. If compared, the expense with displacement is much lower with the electric bicycles. No wonder e-bikes are taking over the world.

  1. Reduction of traffic

As electric bicycles can be used on cycle lanes and bicycle paths in cities, traffic becomes a null factor. The greater the investment in e-bikes, the more the scenario of urban centers will change, improving mobility and leaving traffic freer. Have you already calculated how much time is lost per day/week/month in traffic in your city?

  1. Practicality

It is not difficult to find people who compare electric bicycles to small motorcycles, both in weight and practicality. However, heavy and clumsy electric bicycles are a thing of the past.

There are bicycles on the market that combine agility with practicality and beauty. For those who don’t have space, a folding electric bike can be a great option. They are easy to fold and unfold, and fit anywhere.

The existence of insurance for electric bicycles also makes life easier for those who ride in the city. Protected against qualified theft, robbery, accidents with the transport vehicle, among other coverage, cyclists gained peace of mind to pedal along the daily routes.

The ease of handling and moving, combined with the benefits in relation to other forms of transport, promote the electric bicycle as a revolutionary option for urban transport.


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