Personal Loan Facts

A personal loan is simply a loan for personal usage. A personal loan is typically obtained from a financial organization, such as a bank or a micro-lender. If you take a personal loan for your friend or family, that also falls under the same category. If you pass the personal loan eligibility test, you can get a personal loan with the lowest personal loan interest rate.  A personal loan can be used to pay for or purchase anything. Personal loans facilitate digital and hassle free applications. However, there are a few important facts to know regarding personal loans. Continue reading to know more and dive in deeply. 

Repayment of Personal Loans

Personal loans are repaid by installment payments that are monthly. The total amount due includes the total interest settled on the loan. Shoppers can also choose to repay the loan amount before the loan term ends. Before electing to repay the entire loan amount, most banks require consumers to accomplish a total of 12 months of EMI payments. For loans that are settled even before loan term ends, banks normally charge a minor fee as a foreclosure charge.

Amounts that are lended are fixed

Personal loan amounts vary depending on the lender, as well as your income, existing debts, and credit score. The higher your credit score and the more cash you can obtain, the better. You cannot use the loan frequently, unlike a recurring credit card payment. The account gets closed once the debt is paid off. If you want more money, you will have the only option of reapplying.

Processing Time

One of the perks of an instant personal loan is the speed of application processing. The loan does not necessitate a lot of paperwork. In most circumstances, the applicant must provide proof of address, identification, and income. A few institutions also pre-approve customers for personal loans, and documentation may not be required in these circumstances.

Loan Disbursal

After the step related to documentation and authentication, the next step is by the lender that usually disburses the loan amount within 48 hours after verification. In some cases, banks offer instant loans to a small group of consumers, which are dispersed within minutes after application.

What is the Repayment Tenure

Before analyzing the eligibility of your application, the lender and the borrower agree on a repayment schedule for your personal loan. The repayment duration will determine the interest rate, which will vary depending on the tenure.

Type Of Interest Rate

A fixed interest rate is advantageous since it allows you to better achieve your financial goals. Rate rises will never be unexpected, making financing much easier. The bank or finance company from which you took out loans will decide the amount of interest you pay.

Role Of Guarantor

When a bank or financial institution is unsure about a borrower’s ability to repay a personal loan, they typically ask for a guarantor. When you sign up to be a guarantor for a loan, you agree to be liable for paying personal loan EMI payments if the borrower is unable to. Before agreeing to be a guarantor for a loan, keep in mind that a missed payment by the borrower has a negative influence on your credit score.

Credit scores’ importance

The lender will check your credit score to get assured whether you are the right customer or not. It’s referred to as a hard inquiry. Furthermore, it’s well known that a hard inquiry has a negative influence on your credit score. Hard inquiries can linger on your credit reports for up to two years.

When you’re looking for the best rates, lenders with whom you already have a relationship will look at your credit score. It’s known as a soft inquiry, and it has no impact on your credit ratings.

More about personal loan agreement

The Personal Loan Agreement is a crucial piece of paperwork. It contains all of the loan’s terms and conditions, as well as the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It might be several pages long because it is a detailed document. By completing the Loan Agreement, you are giving the lender your permission to all of the conditions listed. It is an irrevocable document that remains in effect until you have returned the total balance and received the lender’s NOC.

The Bottom Line

A personal loan may be the solution to your dilemma if you need money quickly. Instant Personal loan are readily available and hassle-free. Most of the financial institutions, lenders and NBFCs make the personal loan application process simple, quick and easy to execute. You should provide authentic data such as evidence of income and residency, and consent to the bank running a credit check on you (if required by your bank). Even if you are blacklisted, you may be able to obtain a loan from a financial institution, you may be required to provide collateral and will be subject to higher interest rates.


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