Word Generator For Pictionary- The Amusing Game

Pictionary is a famous game which is played in groups. In this game, one group member will come and make a drawing by generating a number. The same group members need to guess the picture. The person must draw without using any numbers, letters, words. To play this game in a fair manner word generator for Pictionary is being used so that both the teams are at an exact point.

How to generate a word

Pictionary word generator also works only on its site. People have to select the games (games can be many like Pictionary, holidays, charades, and more).  Then they will choose the category based on the game they select. Categories can varyfrom easy to hard. Then they need to click on the New Word button. A word will generate, and the person must make a drawing for their team members to guess. They can’t make a number, alphabet, or word; they just need to draw it.For example:

  • Game: Pictionary
  • Categories: Easy/Medium/Hard
  • Then click on Generate Pictionary Words
  • The word “Table” or any other word will come
  • A person will draw a table, and their team members need to guess it.

Difference between Pictionary and Charades

In both games, the person tries to communicate the word they get to their team members. In Pictionary, the person draws the word, and team members need to guess it. In Charades, the person acts out the word. They must do acting for the word to be thought. The word generator for Pictionary helps generate a great comment to drawa drawing of it.

How much time does a person get in Pictionary?

A person gets 5 seconds to think about how they will draw the word. After that, they get 1 minute to remove the comment. If the team member does not guess the word in 1 minute, they will lose the game.

Can a person play Pictionary without the word generator

Yes, a person can play Pictionary without the word generator. The challenge is that the other team has to choose the word on their own, which sometimes becomes difficult. So it is better to use the word generator Pictionary, which is available online. People can enjoy the game without any disturbances.

In Pictionary, the team members are not allowed to make the noise because it’s a guessing game. The random words for pictionary have made the game even fairer. This game can be played in groups and with family members. This game is fun-loving and can be played even by the dead and dumb. There should be at least 4-5 people in one group,and more. They have to keep a board and marker or pen-paper to draw the thing. A person can range the game from easy to hard. People should always choose a word generator to get great words to enjoy the game. This game is an excellent source of entertainment and can be played by any age group.


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