What is Short-Term Rental Investing?

When considering short-term rental investing, you should consider your market. While cities have seen a drop in stays since the pandemic, rural destinations are slowly regaining their previous popularity. While cities have seen a drop in stays, long-term bookings have increased. For example, more than half of all summer stays in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles were long-term.

One Capital Residences NOC:

One Capital Residences offers investors various options to purchase apartments. Prices start from Rs. 10,500 per square foot, and flexible payment plans are available soon. The prices are based on Net Area rather than Gross Area, which means that the investor only pays for the area that is covered.

Another key feature that makes One Capital Residences a safe investment is its high level of security. The building is protected by 24-hour CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear. It is also surrounded by a foolproof boundary wall. Moreover, the building is approved by local authorities, making it safe and secure for tenants.

One Capital Residences is located in the Capital Smart City of Islamabad, near the M2 motorway and New Islamabad International Airport. It is close to public transportation and is surrounded by lush greenery. In addition, it has the legal NOC from the Capital Smart City Authority. With such benefits, it is a good investment opportunity near Islamabad.

One capital residences payment plan

One Capital Residences Islamabad is a smart apartment project developed by two renowned real estate companies in Pakistan: Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (FDH). Both companies have established a reputation for quality work and innovative construction ideas, and have built successful projects across the world.

The One Capital Residences Islamabad project features ultra-luxury amenities and state-of-the-art technologies. The multi-purpose project is situated on the banks of a crystal-clear lake. It was designed by the renowned architect Dr. Daniel Fraile. Arquivio Architects was established in 1999 by Dr. Fraile and Juanjo Soria, both from Spain.

One Capital Residences Islamabad offers multiple-size deluxe apartments, and a range of commercial, retail, and lifestyle amenities. The property is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty. A payment plan with flexible terms and a flexible payment schedule will make your investment affordable and make it easy to pay off.

One Capital Residences Accessibilities

One Capital Residences Islamabad is a beautiful multi-purpose project that promises to offer world-class luxury living at the most affordable price. The project offers high-quality residential and commercial units, as well as eco-friendly features. The developer, Arquivio Architects, has experience developing and managing residential and commercial projects in a number of countries.

The development, one of the most recent in the capital smart city of Islamabad, features ultra-luxury amenities and the latest technologies. A sparkling crystal lake provides a beautiful setting for the development. It is an innovative multi-purpose project that was created by Arquivio Architects, an architecture firm based in Spain.


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