Printed Corrugated Boxes – An Excellent Approach towards Branding

Packaging is a very fundamental requirement of our life, and it would become tough for us to survive in a world without some proper means of transport and carriage. It has an imperative role to play in our lives as the carriage, protection and transportation of goods is one of the very regular chores of our everyday lives. Either you consider domestic or commercial needs in both the sectors their importance is undeniable. At the beginning of a human race when there was no proper packaging medium just imagine how difficult it would have been to take goods to places and store products to protect them from atmosphere and microorganisms. With the span of time, as human race adapted to this planet earth, they explored various things that were helpful for them in serving the purpose of packaging.Printed Products - Printed Corrugated Box Png PNG Image  Transparent PNG  Free Download on SeekPNG

Starting from the era of leaves, which were in the ancient times used for packaging, humankind moved through various phases and option of packaging and now has found a very able and competent mode of packaging i.e. cardboard and corrugated boxes. Before them, metallic containers were employed for packaging for the large time range, but due to their high nature, inflexibility and difficulty of accommodation a more decent and resourceful packaging option was worked out my social activists. That was adopted by the commercial sector abruptly, and now it is one of the finest packaging options available. Due to tremendously beneficial features its applications increased exponentially.

Corrugated Boxes: A Brief Overview

Corrugated fibreboard is a material that consists of fluted sheet and has one or more of the flat linerboards in it. This material of corrugated fibreboard is made on corrugators or flute lamination machines and is afterwards generally used in the manufacturing of shipping containers and corrugated packaging boxes. Both the corrugated medium and the linerboard are made up of kraft containerboard which is a paperboard material having a thickness of 0.01 inches usually. Corrugated fibreboard and paperboard is sometimes also called corrugated cardboard although cardboard might be heavy board based of paper pulp.

History of Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are made up of the corrugated paper which was patented in England in 1856 and was used then for the lining of tall hats but they were not used for the making of corrugated box until December 20, 1871. This patent was issued in New York City to Albert Jones for single-sided corrugated boards. Jones used these corrugated boards to wrap bottles and glass lantern chimneys. Robert Gair, who is a Scottish born, invented pre-made paperboard boxes in the last decade of 19th century. He discovered that by creasing and cutting of paperboards he could improvise paperboard boxes. He then applied this idea on corrugated papers and made boxes which were a straightforward development of the present day corrugated box. These boxes were used for packaging of pottery and glass containers. Later, in the midst of 1950s the case enabled the fruits and produced to be brought to the retailers without bruising. This improved the return to producers and opened up the export markets. Advancements were continuously introduced and now printed corrugated boxesare the most widely used boxes.

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Most Feasible Packaging Option

They were introduced one and half century ago and within very less time they took over the entire global market due to their tremendous usefulness. Most of the businesses abruptly shifted to these boxes wasting no time. Irrespective of the type of industry, they were employed everywhere for the packaging of their products because they are very accommodative and sustainable. There are many options available in the market for the facilitation of customers and retailers so they can choose the packaging option that suits them best. These boxes can also be printed and printed corrugated boxes are employed by almost all high grossing industries at present time. Custom corrugated packaging boxes are used by businesses as well as for domestic uses like for packaging of gift items etc.

They have a number of features that make them the most favoured choice for corporate sectors and also for domestic purposes. Following are some of the features that make them finest packaging option are;

  • Strength: Being made up of corrugated paper these boxes are very strong and can endure high pressure due to fine air columns in between the layers. They can withstand pressure from within and outside to protect the product from any sort of damage or loss.
  • Flexibility: These boxes are highly flexible and therefore are much preferred. They can be forged to different shapes and designs to get the box of our own will and taste.
  • Accommodative: As they can be made of various shapes and sizes therefore they are very accommodative and can be used for the packaging of various sized objects. This feature makes them versatile and has found them a number of applications in commercial sector.
  • Customizable: These are customizable boxes i.e. they can be printed with designs, graphics, textures, animations, contents and logos whatever you desire. Not only in appearance but also you can decide what shape and size you want for your box. You can design your own custom corrugated boxes wholly for your facilitation. It is the most important feature of these boxes as by using custom printed corrugated boxes along with the protection of product enclosed these boxes also advertise your product and help in branding too.
  • Inexpensive: Custom printed corrugated boxes are very inexpensive which adds to their advantageousness. Using printed corrugated boxes you can save a lot of money which you will spend for advertisement of your product otherwise as they custom boxes are one of the cheapest means of promotion too.
  • Environment Friendly: As they are made up of corrugated material hence they can be reused a number of times before they are finally disposed. As using these boxes, we can also play our role towards the lessening of pollution which is the biggest growing hazard of present time.


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