What Should a Lay Man Know about Scientology?

What Should a Lay Man Know about Scientology?

There are many of you who are leading a life of extreme suffering, pain and stress. Well, there are always ways that you can help yourself. have you ever heard about the concept of scientology?  Well, Scientology is something that resolves the issue of Man by addressing the spiritual type of toils which hold those problems in place and offering workable tools to enhance the overall conditions for all in life.

As the barriers starts up to fall away, a person gains the capability to communicate, that in order improves one’s ability to have more meaningful type of interpersonal relationships. A person even becomes free of unexplainable fears and even that of overall stress, which in turn gets one enjoyment and peace in life. However, more importantly, a Scientologist is a person who gains an understanding of themselves, spiritually, and even that of so discovers their true level of potentials, recovering the cert of their own immortality as a spiritual fellow and augment their ability to assist others.

Now, Grant Cardone Scientologist is a well-successful person. He calls himself a proud scientologist.  If you don’t know much about him, he is a Miami-based Scientologist, entrepreneur, that of even business owner, that of New York Times best-selling author and renowned philanthropist. In the present time, Cardone serves as the CEO at various privately held companies, encompassing Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, Cardone Training Technologies, and Cardone University.  So, the point is he could unlock the potential and realize his power more with the understanding of scientology.

Every man is a spiritual being

Important to Scientology is a view of Man as a specific spiritual being. In Scientology, the spiritual being is known as the thetan. This is the term that is taken from the Greek letter theta for “that of thought” or “life” or even that of the spirit. Talking of thetan, it revolves around being immortal. It has lived and shall live through uncountable lifetimes. One is a thetan who possesses a mind and even who occupies a body. The thetanactually animates the body and makes use of the mind. Moreover, the concept talks about dodging the existence of soul in different ways.

Also important to Scientology is a view of life as classified into urges (drives, impulses) toward that of the overall survival. These are known as the dynamics and number eight in everything. The foremost Dynamic is that of the need toward existence as one’s self.  The point is it is all about self-dynamic.


The basic type of principle of human existence is overall survival. Things that head to survival are good and that of pleasurable, while things that are actually counter survival are going to be negative. It is that simple as it sounds.


You know the concept states that every single person has an analytical mind that is actually usually in charge of making day today decisions and judgments essential for survival. However, in times or conditions of stress or trauma, the reactive mind (rather like the subconscious) simply takes over.


So, scientology has a lot to teach you and it can transform your life once you embrace it.


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