The Trends That Are Driving The Transformation Of Live Sports Broadcasting

A long career in live sports has taught me that success in this industry depends on people’s creativity. Entering the 2020s, new digital technologies and business models will show a lot of creativity as broadcasters, streaming services and other content producers can meet the changing expectations of their viewers.

Today’s consumers have more ways to watch live sports than ever before – more devices, more mobility, more platforms to deliver new content – ​​rights holders you can deliver live broadcasts of more sports than ever before. In the next decade, the real transformation in the production, distribution and consumption of live sports has brought about major changes, and we have already witnessed some key trends materialize.

New production model transforms live streaming games

Key innovations will dramatically increase production efficiency and quality with more cameras, graphics, cuts, replays and visual effects than ever before. The problem is that this has led to an increase in the cost and complexity of producing live events. For example, 해외스포츠중계 a typical US college football game outdoors requires specialized technical staff from all over the country, not to mention fixed equipment and OB vehicles, and recipients have significant maintenance costs, travel, and accommodation. , Will be forced to transport.

Remote production is a new model that drives goalposts, significantly reducing the cost of producing live broadcasts of many sports without sacrificing quality. For example, remote production can reduce the cost of a typical college football game by 25%, allowing viewers to see even lower episodes and even high school games. Suddenly, live streaming of small niche sports such as volleyball, lacrosse and surfing will also become more commercially viable. And the biggest publishers are paying attention. For example, the NFL Network with The Switch is moving to remote production of college football games, and CBS is doing the same for college basketball.

Global Audiences and Online Platforms Equal to Big Opportunities

Over-the-top (OTT) TV brings more sports live to new markets. The NBA is a pioneer in this area, with a significant increase in subscribers in markets ranging from Australia to Brazil, the United Kingdom to Serbia, and the Philippines to China. 25 million viewers watching the opening game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers.

In addition, non-traditional sports such as esports have exceeded double-digit annual growth rates internationally, reaching more than 450 million viewers worldwide and providing elusive young demographics. I’m catching it. Comparing the 2019 World Series, which averaged 14 million viewers per game in the United States, with the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, which reached 44 million worldwide in the final round between teams, the world. The influence of the viewer inside becomes clear.

Streaming starts with a game and doesn’t just end with a game

Many fans don’t get enough news, analytics, interviews, and brief stories about their favorite teams and players, and the OTT platform is driving it. Sports rights owners in the major media can generate more buzz about every sporting event by expanding coverage and discussion before and after each event.

Secondary programming will grow further as part of sports broadcasts, as legalized gambling will produce programs based on analysis, predictions, odds and results, and more programs at both ends of the big game.

Live sports broadcasts with taps become a daily reality

There are more opportunities than ever to host and watch live sports. In the United States alone, more than 50 services are available, from major networks to cable and satellite channels to league-owned outlets such as the NFL Network and NBA TV, which deliver all games.

Today, sports fans want access to live real-time sports through apps that provide access to the sports branches, teams and athletes they want to follow, and the industry is moving fast to adapt to them. .. Big streaming players like Amazon and YouTube are already in the game, and more and more leagues are looking to subscription-based “League Pass” OTT services.



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