Increase Your Sales Targets With Conversational Selling

When the sales process is centred around a conversation rather than a sales pitch, you engage your customer at a different level to influence and sell your wares. This thought process is the essence of conversational selling and internet marketing Adelaide. In this process, you understand the customers’ needs and connect your product and services. This art of conversational selling results in successful conversion more often, rather than hitting a customer on the face with a sales pitch that hardly connects the customer’s persona.


Internet marketing Adelaide is a component of marketing that utilises digital technologies and can hence also be termed as digital marketing Adelaide. The framework includes only the three steps to engage, understand and recommend. Using online channels for conversations improves the connections with your customers and leads. Some of the digital channels are stated below:


  • Organisation Website
  • Physical Customer Care Spots
  • Virtual chatbots
  • Instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp
  • Social Media Handles like Twitter amongst others
  • Newsfeed
  • Messages


Benefits of Conversational Selling:


  • It is a trust-building exercise – The opportunity to engage with a brand, be it a demo or a trial, is necessary for customers to experience the product or services beforehand. Digital marketing Adelaide also helps prospects interact with the offerings on a digital platform. It is the first step that organisations should take to gain the trust of key stakeholders.
  • Personalisation for every unique customer – Every individual has their own needs and goes through their distinct journey. Understanding the aspiration of the prospects will help custom fit the product or services to match the identified demand. A key consideration for internet marketing in Adelaide will be the ability to personalise the offering based on the information of the target segment that gets collected. 
  • Demonstrate your expertise – Showcasing the collective knowledge that the organisation has gained on the offering will help your prospects connect and see value in the offering. Conversational selling helps share knowledge on a variety of online platforms as well as in-person conversations. Social Media platforms are a vital driver of knowledge in the internet marketing Adelaide era.


Handy tips to ace the art of Conversational Selling:


  • Change your inbound sales process from going after standard forms to helpful conversations to understand better your prospect and how the offering fits the opportunity in hand.
  • Ensure your chatbot does not frustrate the customer. For example, identify and involve a live representative to resolve the customer’s queries.
  • If you have a website, target the key pages and add an intelligent chatbot to those pages like pricing where you foresee your customers having a conversation and probably look for further details to suit their individual use cases. Internet marketing Adelaide helps to build the virtual experience of the customer from the start of their journey.
  • Make your customers’ experience personal.
  • Focus on the context of any conversation.
  • Thanks to chatbots, now round the clock availability in offering intelligent responses in real-time are possible due to the digital marketing Adelaide technology horizon that keeps expanding every day.
  • Your prospects can prefer conversation anytime. Digital marketing Adelaide includes notification services whenever your prospect opens an email or interacts with your website. Monitor these handles and engage before it is too late.
  • Personalise campaigns based on target accounts.
  • Speed to response is a critical factor to keep your customer engaged while on the website or other platforms.
  • Have more conversations in different physical and digital mediums to understand the pulse of the customer. In the pandemic, digital marketing Adelaide framework offers a robust opportunity to innovate and experiment with newer ways to engage with your prospects.
  • Amongst having different metrics to measure and improve the process, CQL (Conversation Qualified Lead) defines the number of prospects that have expressed interest after a conversation with a human or a bot. Also, the conversion and pipeline resulting from these prospects need to be tracked and measured. Internet marketing Adelaide processes need to include such metrics to understand how your organisation is adapting to conversational selling.




Three stages of any consumer journey have been the awareness stage followed by the consideration stage and eventually leading to a decision-making stage. Guiding your customers through all these stages by applying the digital marketing Adelaide framework helps gain their confidence. Switching the sales strategy to a conversational approach is never easy. But take the first step now, as the digital marketing landscape is rapidly changing. Integrate all digital tools with the conversational sales process to get going.


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