Things To Know About Gprs Pos Machine

POS (Point of sale) machines are one of the most widely used payment devices nowadays. They can be tailor-made for any type of business, and hence these machines have gained colossal popularity pretty quickly. In simple terms, a POS machine is a terminal that processes sales, accept credit cards or debit cards and finalises the transaction. Sometimes it can be as simple and small as a mobile, or sometimes, it can have a whole terminal with a printing unit, cash register, display monitor, etc. As the payment landscapes have evolved and the technology is advancing, businesses need to evolve, making a POS machine desirable. Based on the different methods, various POS terminals can be distinguished as GPRS POS, Ethernet POS, PSTN POS, etc.

What is a GPRS POS machine?

GPRS, i.e. General Packet Radio Service POS machine, is a portable POS terminal supported by a SIM card to reach out to customers in the outlet. It is considered ideal for people in the business of clinics, retailers, restaurants and hotels.

It provides the convenience of mobility and allows you to accept payments from your customers over a wireless network. The GPRS POS machine functions and entails a SIM card. This is an effortless and secure device that enables payment via credit card or even debit cards. It is considered ideal for businesses looking forward to providing an accessible payment option to all their customers.

How to get a GPRS sim for your POS terminal?

Many companies provide services to growth payments through the GPRS network. These companies offer services like the M2M GPRS solution. Apart from this, they also ensure SIM card management and transaction security handling if there is any query related to SIM card management such as replacement, activation, roaming activation, etc.

Services offered by the companies providing this service:

  1. It offers the service of real-time status monitoring of GPRS SIM.
  2. It also ensures monitoring of real-time transactions and sim card management.
  3. The sim cards are segregated based on the regions by the service provider
  4. The telecom operator is selected based on the network strength.
  5. The service providers provide 24×7 customer support and even manage to liaise with telecom operators for issues.

Advantages of using GPRS POS

  1. It accepts a variety of cards such as RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  2. Errors like cash counting or cash handlings are eliminated.
  3. It is easily portable or can be kept stationed at your counter.
  4. You eliminate the hassle of dealing with counterfeit or fake notes.
  5. Very convenient and simple user interface
  6. GPRS POS machines work with multiple telecom operators.

Transaction Flow

  1. Firstly, the customers swipe their cards in the portable card swipe machine. Then the customer enters their pin and initiates the transaction for the specified principal. 
  2. After the initiation has been done, the request for the IP address gets forwarded to the telephone company. The company then forwards this request to the corresponding sim solution provider’s infrastructure. 
  3. The infrastructure later authenticates and authorises the request and allocates a static IP address to the corresponding SIM card. 
  4. This allocated static IP address is later assigned to the SIM, creating a data communication between the host and client POS. 
  5. Based on the service provider server configuration and the IP address, the transaction is forwarded. After this, the request for transaction passes through the card schemes, and the bank passes the authentication at each step. 
  6. After confirming every detail, the specified amount is deducted from the customer’s bank account and is transferred to the merchant’s account. 

You get a receipt that can be collected at the terminal of the portable card swipe machine to authenticate the transfer. You also do not need to open a new bank account; the settlements can happen in your existing bank account. You can also put a UPI scan code along with the GPRS POS terminal at your payment window, and you are all set!


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