The Most Popular Inspection Technique for Any Industry

The Most Popular Inspection Technique for Any Industry

There are many inspection companies that operate as per the pre-defined standards helping in keeping the industry equipment running in an effective manner while maintaining work-safety as well. In addition, following such standards is challenging because a plethora of industries involve drilling, engineering, production services, and transportation of product shipment as well as many other operations.

However, these days it is becoming difficult for manufacturing companies to hire quality control service provider. However, it is expensive for manufacturing companies to maintain a safe workplace and protect workers from any harm. It is also important to maintain the safety for workers, to continue to train them according to the safe working standards.

In this post, we will discuss the 5 most popular inspection techniques which can be used by any manufacturing industry worldwide.

What is NDT?

Non-Destructive Testing(NDT) methods are used by every manufacturing industry. These methods address issues related to safety, environmental protection, government regulations, and reliability of equipment. Some of the benefits of NDT are as follows:

  • Equipment is not touched during NDT, therefore there is no reason to shut down or interrupt the operations.
  • Equipment for transporting product shipment can be inspected in this category without any changes in structural changes.

Some of the most popular NDT methods include radiography, laser shearography, visual inspection, acoustics, microwaves, and current testing.

  • Ultrasonic Techniques

The inspection companies use ultrasonic techniques whose frequencies range from 50 kHz-50 MHz are above the audible range for any human ear.

The electric effect of ultrasonic machines makes it possible to transmit and receive signals from the device. With this instrument, one can inspect the internal components in a product, and detect defects like changes in thickness, cracks, void, and various other defects related to product shipment.

However, the biggest issue with this method is that data analysis and evaluation depends on the technician hired from inspection companies.

  • Visual Inspection

The visual inspection is one of the most inexpensive inspection services for detecting flaws and defects in a product shipment. A well-trained technician will be able to detect product defects like installation issues, corrosion development, various type of structural failures and much more.

  • Thermography

The thermographic inspection measures the differences between the temperature of the product and the surrounding environment. These measurements help in detecting the defects and leakages or defects in the product shipment.

With this technique, one can make the methods of inspection more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Acoustics Emissions

These inspection services help in detecting the presence of waves which is produced when manufacturing any product. When the defect in the product occurs negative pressure is waves are propagated in both directions. These waves can help in detecting the defects in a product shipment.

  • Radiography

Radiography inspection services used by quality control companies in China uses X-Rays or gamma rays to examine the internal structure and integrity of the product shipment. These waves have a short wavelength, they can pass through products like metallic alloys and steel.

Opting for such inspection services require safety regulations approval from NDT.


This post discusses 5 most popular inspection methods, how they are implemented, and all the limitations associated with it. It is not possible in the scope of the article to discuss the scope of the methods used in NDT inspections. However, this post highlights all the importance of NDT methods used for various type of industries.


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