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The new eBook, a plastic injection molding solution for the food and beverage industry, guides you through the manufacturing complexity of this critical industry, from injection molding to industry regulation. Here’s a quick overview of the entire eBook content.

Benefits of plastic injection molding for food and beverages

Plastic injection molding brings many benefits to the food industry. In terms of design and manufacturing, it includes design freedom, cost efficiency, and rapid production cycles. Injection molding provides a high degree of versatility in shape, material and style, enabling a wide range of potential design guidelines that manufacturers can adapt to their unique needs. In addition, plastic has several cost advantages over materials such as glass due to its low initial cost and lightweight construction suitable for transportation. In particular, there is almost no product scrap due to the low defect rate of injection molding. Finally, injection molding allows for rapid production cycles, shorter lead times, efficient iterations, and much iteration in production cycles of any size.

Once the plastic parts are designed and manufactured, injection molding continues to benefit by providing durable parts that comply with industry regulations. Plastics create durable, durable parts that do not rot or rust during product transfer from the factory to the consumer. In addition, the types of plastics most compatible with injection molding include food grade plastic resins that meet FDA and GMA-SAFE standards for safe consumer use.

Food and Beverage Plastic Injection Molding Case Study

food-bev-cap With over 60 years of injection molding experience, our team has mastered some of the most difficult challenges in the food and beverage industry. An example that serves as a good case study is collaboration with a major food and beverage company that wanted to move production of custom bottle caps to the United States

The poor quality of overseas production spoiled the image of the company’s products, but the team that made a large investment in overseas manufacturers faced problems in proportion to the budget. Boyu extruder team maintains the desired brand identity and solves quality issues within the company’s limited budget, fast and affordable custom manufacturing. I was able to develop a solution.

Design features and material selection

Another key topic that we cover in detail in this e-book is the selection of suitable materials for the manufacturing process. The choice of material is particularly important in the food and beverage industry, where parts must contain perishable products while respecting consumer health and safety regulations. Some common materials that are often chosen are:






Polyethylene terephthalate

Each of these materials creates food-safe, stable products that withstand common contaminants and stressors, including UV radiation, heat, and chemical attack (such as food aging). However, at the same time, manufacturers must also comply with general industry standards and government food safety regulations. These guidelines define both the material and production environment of the product and the key players are:

BPA Free Design

FDA certification

FMA Safety Rules

Non-toxic recommendations

Finally, food and beverage manufacturers must also consider the manufacturability of their design. While products come in many shapes and sizes, effective parts or containers must meet certain design constraints. Consider these design elements to optimize the profitability, reproducibility, aesthetics, and defect rate of your plastic injection molding design:

Wall thickness

Boss Theme

Ribbed design

Corner transitions

Gate placement

Placement of ventilation


Browse our new ebook to learn more about plastic injection molding for the food and beverage industry.

Food-&-Beverage-Solutions-Guide-1 with many important considerations, careful study is the key to the production of food and beverage injection molded parts. Whether you’re wondering what material to choose, how to efficiently design for high volumes, or how to optimize manufacturing costs, our new e-book offers you all the information you need to make an informed and efficient decision. Download your copy today!

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