Rug Steam Cleaning Instant Effective Method and Types

Rug steam cleaners can thoroughly clean, sanitize and deodorize your rugs and keep them in mint condition for longer. Your rugs can be among your most precious possessions so you’ll want to take the best care of them. One way is through the use of rug steam cleaners. These handy appliances can deep clean your rugs quickly and effectively and destroy fungus and dust mites that might cause them damage. If you have young children, there’s a twofold reason to thoroughly clean your rugs and carpets.

Types of Rug Cleaners

Here are many different types of rug cleaners and they can be beneficial depending on what you need. There are powders, foams, bonnet cleaning, shampoo, steam cleaning, and spot rug cleaners. With so many ways to make a mess these all will benefit you depending on how big of a mess is made.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that upkeep and preventative measures are important. It is important to vacuum every day and make sure that you get to spills as soon as they happen. Nothing is worse than spills that set in and cause hideous stains. Unsightly stains make you nervous about what other people think when they enter your home. Knowing exactly what you need will ease these fears.
  2. Powders are solvents. When using them as a rug cleaner you put the powder on the carpet and then wait for the allotted amount of time. This will usually be about fifteen to twenty minutes. After the time is up then you vacuum the powder up. The powder essentially provides a pull and collects dust and moistness from the carpet or rug.
  3. Next on the list of cleaners is the foam. There are some downsides such as having to breathe it in. It does cause some coughing, but the benefits outweigh the downsides. The two types of foams are for home use and for business use. These foams typically need to be diluted with water and then sprayed on to the rug.
  4. Bonnet cleaning is a pretty great option for rug cleaners. It is called a bonnet cleaner but it is also known as a spin pad. This is a lot like a hardwood buffer. It has a pad attached to a rotary brush and you soak it in a cleaning solution. The friction causes the pad to collect all of the dirt. The downside to this is it does not work for deep cleaning or rugs that are higher or have extended loops.

Important Tip to do During Rug Cleaning

Most importantly, you’ll want to ensure that their living environment is as hygienic as possible. This involves eliminating mold and dust mites and the other creatures that contaminate the soft spaces of your home. Only then can you let your kids crawl around onto the floor of your home without fear. Next, it’s a fact of life that having children means having a messier home due to the spills and other accidents that can leave your carpets in need of a good clean up. Some of these stains can be hard to remove and so steam cleaning is a great option.

Another source of rug contamination comes from pets. Pet urine is especially unpleasant and it can be hard to remove the stains and odor. If you have pets, you really need a rug cleaning.

  • If you’re uncertain as to how dirty your rugs are, you can try the following.
  • First, pick up one of your rugs by the corner and kick it. If you see a cloud of dust or dirt, it’s time for a cleaning.
  • Next, rub your rug briskly with a hand for some ten seconds. If you hand is dirty, it’s rug cleaning time.
  • Finally, fold your rug back on itself and examine the crevice that forms. If it contains dirt or dust, it’s time for a clean.
  • On average, you’ll need to steam clean your rugs at least once every six months, more if you have naughty pets.
  • Once you’ve decided your rugs need cleaning, you should choose a hot steam cleaner as this is the only one that can bring out all the dirt from your carpet and leave it clean and fresh smelling.
  • Often vacuum cleaners cannot reach down deep into the pile of rugs and so cannot effectively clean thicker items.
  • Another great benefit is that regular use of rug steam cleaners can extend the life and value of your precious carpeting.
  • Unless you have a large number of rugs to clean, it makes economic sense to get a basic steam cleaner with a special attachment for dealing with rugs. You can then use your investment all around your house. Dedicated rug steam cleaners only make sense if you have a large number of rugs to deal with.

Rug Steam Cleaning

Rugs are cleaned is a major determinant of their appearance and longevity. This is especially the case with fine rugs whose sensitive materials require special procedures and processes of the companies that clean them, such as Turkish and Persian rug cleaning, which focus on maintaining the color and durability of rugs that can cost thousands of dollars. For most Persian and Turkish silk rug owners, the question of how to care for them begins with whether to have them steam cleaned in their home, or in-factory cleaned using the more traditional process of soaping and washing, thoroughly rinsing, and hang drying a carpet. Below, we look at the pros of in-factory methods and the cons of in house methods.

  1. Dirt Removal

Both methods remove dirt from your carpet. But the former doesn’t remove dirt from your rug’s deepest layers. Over the course of time, dirt and grit that stay imbedded in your carpet can cause two problems: fiber damage due to footsteps pressing in the grit, and the presence of mold and dust mites.

  1. Cleansing of Fringes

Steam cleansing doesn’t have a special method for addressing fringes, but factory cleansing does, usually hand washing followed by drying and combing. Because a rug’s fringes are often its most soiled part, having them specially cleaned is always worth the investment.

  1. Rinsing Process

Steam cleansing doesn’t employ a true rinsing process, pulling away soap but leaving its invisible residue behind, which attracts more dirt than before. Factory cleansing, on the other hand, uses gallons of flowing, filtered water to wash away all traces of soap, leaving your carpet truly clean.

  1. Drying Process

As with the rinsing process, steam treating doesn’t employ a true drying process. In fact, it leaves carpets moist, exposing them to dry rot and mildewing that could damage their longevity and appearance. If you have inexpensive, synthetic rugs, having them steam cleansed could be a sensible option. But rug cleaning need factory treatment to stay preserved.



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