Common Pest Entry Points and How You Can Close Them Off

Pests in your home are not a great experience, as these can turn the entire space upside down! No matter if you own a big or a small house, pests, and rodents can enter even from the smallest point. Therefore, closing all these entry points is vital to ensure these do not enter your home from anywhere. If you are tired all the time and still wondering why you often see pests around, we have got you covered. In this article, we will list some common pest entry points. So, without any delay, visit the website!

Common Pest Entry Points

1. Gaps Around Doors and Windows

pests such as ants and spiders can easily enter homes through tiny gaps and fractures surrounding doors and windows. You must use stripping to fill the gaps around doors and windows to block these entrance locations. You can also use caulk to seal any gaps or fractures.

2. Vents and Chimneys

These structures offer gaps that pests like insects, rats, and birds can use to get inside your house. To keep pests out while maintaining free air circulation, cover vent and chimney openings with screens or mesh coverings.

3. Foundation Cracks

Termites and rodents can enter your home through cracks in the foundation. Regularly check the foundation and use mortar. These are used to repair any gaps or cracks. This will assist in keeping the structural integrity of your home intact in addition to keeping pests out.

4. Attics and Crawl Spaces

These are disregarded places where pests might enter and establish a home. Regularly check these areas for evidence of pest activity. Further, use wire mesh steel wool, or foam insulation to plug any cracks or openings. To further stop pests from entering through vents, think about adding screens or covers for the vents.

5. Gutters

A pest’s greatest ally is a dirty gutter. Gutter obstructions and trash accumulation turn gutters into havens for many pests. Pests can readily enter any gaps or crevices in your roof or siding once they’ve made their way into your gutters. You may greatly reduce the likelihood of drawing in pests such as these by routinely cleaning your gutters and inspecting them for debris accumulation.

Wrapping Up

These are some common entry points. Ensure you close all these entry points if there are pests in your home.


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