An official document called a Board Resolution serves as a record of the decisions made by the Board of a company. The company’s Board is the entity in charge of making all decisions on the firm’s activities following the company’s articles of association. A board resolution for the resignation of directors of a company records resignations submitted by the director(s) of a Company to the Board. After receiving a director’s resignation notice, it is common for the Board of directors to adopt a resolution acknowledging the resignation and handling the practical issues related to it.

What are Board Resolutions?

A board resolution is a written record of all decisions made by your company’s Board of Directors on critical issues that impact your business. The goal of the board resolution is to document the outcomes of the votes and binding decisions made by the Board of directors at the board meeting. This compliance document, which is part of the company’s corporate record, serves as proof that the Board of Directors has decided on the issues your business has to handle.

You may need drafting of board resolution in various circumstances at your organization. A board resolution is required for significant corporate events, including electing new board members, expanding your business, employing or firing the number of staff, dealing with money issues, and appointment and resigning the director of the company.

Who draft the Resolutions?

Members of the Board of directors are chosen to supervise and direct company operations while keeping in mind the interests of the business and its shareholders. Your company’s Board of directors meets to make significant decisions and draft board resolutions.

The board secretary of your business keeps copies of the board resolution. All parties engaged in compliance must be able to access the board resolution via the board secretary.

What is covered by the Board Resolution?

All the board resolutions the company’s directors need to approve to accept another director’s resignation are included in this written board resolution. Among them resolve to:

  • The resignation should be accepted as of the relevant date; and
  • Take the further actions necessary to finish the relevant documents

The importance of the Board Resolution

The written board resolution for the resignation of Director is necessary to document your company’s decision in cases when you have not held a board meeting to accept a director’s resignation.You must maintain a record of each board decision you make as required by law.

Drafting of Board Resolution to create a customized written board resolution and retaining a copy for your records is an easy method to meet your legal requirements and prevent disagreements over the date and circumstances of a director’s resignation.

When should a board resolution for the resignation of Director be drafted?

  • If a director resigns and you need to document your company’s acceptance of their resignation, utilize this written board resolution rather than calling a board meeting. The resolution is intended for businesses with multiple directors that use the model articles of association.
  • If you are uncertain whether your firm has the model articles or not, you might verify its articles of association.
  • Check whether the procedure for accepting a director’s resignation is described in your company’s model articles if you don’t have any or your shareholders’ agreement. Whatever approach they dictate, you must adhere to.

Writing a Board Resolution: The Best Practices

The board resolution will likely address significant business issues. Therefore board members may believe that drafting Board Resolution is a complex procedure. The following suggestions will make drafting a board resolution less intimidating for you:

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Writing Style

  • Simple and succinct language should be used when writing your board resolution.
  • The board resolution should be written in an official tone at all times.
  • You must cite trustworthy and reliable sources for transparency and credibility.
  • If the board resolution is lengthy, don’t worry about it; what matters is that you have covered all the necessary ground.

Drafting of Board Resolutions

Your board resolutions should be concise and well-written due to the official nature of this document. It should include the following crucial information:

  1. Date of the board meeting
  2. The number of resolution
  3. An appropriate heading for the board resolution
  4. The decision
  5. lists of the directors’ names and their votes
  6. Name, date, and signature of the chairman.

How may Notary Public Dubai assist you?

Any director’s resignation should be accepted appropriately by your organization. The most typical way to do this is by calling a board meeting to accept a director’s resignation and determine the following appropriate actions. You may utilize a written resolution instead of calling a board meeting to satisfy your company’s legal record-keeping requirements. Please note for Board resolution for the resignation of Director to be adopted, it must be signed by each director, including the departing director. A critical role of a board member is conversing with board resolutions. With your hectic schedule, Drafting of board resolutions becomes simple with the help of our drafting experts at Notary Public Dubai.


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