10 Things You Must Consider Before Comparing Bike Insurance Plans

It is very important for you to compare two wheeler insurance before you purchase a policy for yourself. However, you need to be aware of the correct coverage and know what type of plan you need at what rate right at the onset. Take a look at this article to know more about the points you should consider before you make a purchase.

1. List your needs –

Before you compare insurance plans and buy the best policy, you need to write down your needs. What type of cover do you need? Do you need a third party plan or a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan? Do you need it for one year or for a longer tenure? Do you want riders? Once you know what type of bike cover you want, you can easily get the best policy.

2. Make a budget –

The price of the different plans will differ, based on what type of cover you want. This is why you need to make a budget to know what you can afford and what you cannot afford.

3. Compare –

It is absolutely crucial for you to compare two wheeler insurance well before you buy a plan. When you compare, you find the best plan at the best rate and so you should never buy insurance without comparing.

4. Check the premium –

After you compare bike insurance and find the best plan, you can use an online premium calculator to see what your premium liability will be. Buy the plan only if you feel this amount is practical. Else, look for another cover.

5. Explore the riders –

When you compare insurance plans, also compare the riders that you have available. Riders give greater coverage to your bike. Explore all the opinions and choose the best riders.

6. Go for long term covers –

As stated, bike insurance has covered in different durations. Consider the long term covers as they offer many benefits such as cheaper coverage.

7. Check the claim process –

Every bike insurance provider has a different claim process. Ensure you check out the claim process and understand it before you buy the plan. This will help you to get your claim processed easily later on. 

8. Look for discounts –

There are many discounts available on bike insurance. For example, you get a discount for installing safety gadgets on the bike. You also get discounts for becoming bike club members. Explore these discounts when choosing your plan.

9. Choose the best insurance provider –

Remember to compare the insurer also when you compare insurance plans for your bike. Finding a good insurer who has a good claim settlement ratio is important.

10. Check the renewal clauses

And finally, look for a bike plan that can be easily renewed online. You should also be able to access your plan online whenever you want, so ensure the digital facility is available before you choose the ideal two-wheeler insurance policy. 

Keep all the points mentioned above in mind when you compare insurance plans and then buy the best possible bike insurance plan.


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