Process of Determining the Gold Loan Rate Per Gram

Borrowers looking to avail a gold loan should know the gold loan rate per gram.  With this information, they can get a variety of choices to choose from that’d be helpful for their financial requirements. There are several types of loans included like you could have two-wheeler loans, business loans, and more, but the gold loan is more famous than these. People enjoy the benefits that they get from gold loans.

Understanding the valuation of the gold rate is crucial, along with knowing the minimum gold required for gold loans. Before applying for any loans, it would be best to gather truthful information and all the necessary information. Keep reading this article further to get more detailed points and knowledge.

What exactly is a gold loan? 

Gold loans are the most common subject to discuss these days. If you’re a borrower wondering about seeking a gold loan, the loan funds are provided based on your income and credit history. Gold loans are indeed beneficial, and as a borrower, you get funds by keeping your gold as collateral to the lender, where you’re given a certain percentage of gold value as a loan. Moreover, there’d be a particular Gold loan process that you’d have to go through and confirm the funding.

Indeed, gold loans are like standard loans, but they’re more beneficial, and one could get insurance if the borrower’s life ends at any point during the borrowed period. After the borrower’s death, the bank provides individual insurance coverage to their family, ensuring to repay the remaining loan so that their family could get their original gold.

How can you apply for a gold loan? 

Before applying for the gold loan, you need to confirm whether you can apply for the gold loan. You could ask your lending company regarding the eligibility or even for the gold loan process so that you’d be at ease while applying for it. The gold loan rate per gram might differ for each lender. But, the gold rate remains the same in the whole country so, while taking a gold loan, you can’t worry about getting fooled.

Also, make sure you’re applying for a gold loan in a reputed company where your gold would be safely kept till you repay your loan. Also, there are several online gold calculators available for both banks and non-banking finance companies. But many have some common questions regarding getting the maximum principal amount, especially for a gold loan. Let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria from the below points.

  • No wonder Gold loan in India has become one of the ordinary means to lend funds rapidly. Indeed, the gold rate in India changes each day, so you need to know the value of gold per gram on the exact date when you’re planning to avail of the loan. Primarily, know the rate of 22-carat gold from the market rate in India. So, after you satisfy the information, you could calculate the gold loan rate per gram using the loan to value ratio.
  • There is a fantastic formula that is needed for calculating the gold loan. Indeed, the purity factor of the gold matter in some instances as the rate of the gold has different values on the market according to its purity. But, the ratio of loan to value ratio might differ for various banks and NBFCs, and you need to select such banks or NBFCs which could offer the maximum gains to your gold loan per gram.

How can you know the gold valuation? 

In the gold market, the purity of gold plays a massive role in valuation. Every 10 grams of 22-carat pure gold in the market would remain higher than 10 grams for 18-carat gold. Also, these differences in the market rates significantly influence the gold rate per gram. It would be best if you look for such banks offering higher LTV considering a lower amount of interest rate. This factor would become most advantageous today. There are several basic terminologies and a thorough understanding of what would work best for you and from which you could get more benefit.

Indeed, you’d get enough information and knowledge from this article. Also, you could get your loan simply by applying for it sitting at your home. These days, many companies or money lenders offer digital loan facilities. Also, you need to know that you can’t keep a gold loan as an option. Once you apply for a gold loan, the real hitch is that you won’t use it, but the gold will keep you safe within the bank.


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