Winning the game of fantasy cricket 

Many people love playing cricket on the playground. This game is also played in the stadiums or clubs. Almost every person loves watching cricket on television and watching the lively performance of the cricketers. Today, due to pandemic situation, many people are not playing in public places. So, they prefer to enjoy playing the game online. Although they cannot use cricketing skills to play the game online, they can enjoy watching the performance of the players. The graphics of the site are luring and they can learn some new ways of playing the game. Many people are even winning attractive prizes playing the game.  You can enjoy fantasy cricket win real cash game online and hence should download the app online. So, you can play this game on the Smartphone, mobile or in your system. 

Playing the game of cricket online

You should know the rules of the games before playing the game. In real life, this game consists of two teams and each team consists of 11 players. So, the game online is also played amongst two teams and each team has 11 players. But, you should choose a team of 11 players and watch their performances. The two cricketing teams are bowlers and batsmen. The bowlers throw the ball towards the batsmen and the batsmen should strike the ball judging the position of the ball. You can watch the performance of batsmen and bowlers online. Both bowlers and batsmen should use suitable techniques for bowling and batting respectively.

The bowlers should throw the ball in the direction of the batsmen to strike it against the ball. If the bowler throws ball too far away from the direction of batsmen, then it is considered ‘wide ball’ or ‘no ball’. So, the batsmen should try to score maximum runs throwing the ball gracefully to the desired position. They can score 2 runs, 4 runs or 6 runs depending upon the position of the ball. A batsman is dismissed from the game if he surrenders to LBW, clean bowling, catches or run-out. A beginner should know these concepts well. The bowlers should try to prevent the batsmen from scoring maximum runs, whereas the batsmen should try to forcefully strike the ball to score maximum runs and not become a victim to wickets. This team consists of captains, vice-captains, fielders, wicket-keepers, batsmen and bowers. 

Playing the game online in a best way

To play the game online, the players should choose a team of 11 players in each team. They should wisely select the captain, vice-captain, all-rounder, fielders, wicket keepers, batsmen and bowlers. Their chance of winning depends upon the players they choose. So, they should carefully select the players after analyzing their performances. The players should be wise enough to choose the combination of players in an appropriate manner.  To select t the players wisely, they should review the previous records of the players online.  Depending upon their previous scores, they should choose players for the particular position.  So, when playing the game, you learn the art of decision-making.

You cannot simply select the players looking at the previous scores. You should also review if the player has recently played matches. In this game, you should view the recent score of the player also. The player must have scored higher in the previous game two to three months back. But, you should consider the recent performance of the player.  So, to play the game, you can download the game online and play fantasy cricket win real cash to win real cash prizes. 

Before playing the game, you should analyze the pitch and weather conditions online. You should know if the pitch is conducive for batsmen or bowlers. If the pitch is dry, then it is conducive for spinners. the pitch is made of red clay, then it is conducive for the batsmen. If the surface of the pitch is too tough, then it is less conducive for the bowlers because the ball bounces too much. So, you should first analyze the pitch conditions and then choose bowling and batting. A player should choose different types of players in the game who can deliver higher results. You should choose the top-order batsmen who can deliver the best results in batting.  be carefully selecting the 3 top batsmen of the game.  You should be careful selecting the best captain and vice-captain of the team also.

The captain gets 2 x points and the vice-captain gets 1.5 points. The captain should be able to wisely lead the members of the team.  You should probably select the class players to play the game and to perform the best in the game. .you can win attractive cash prizes if you select the players wisely. You can play the best cricket fantasy game because you can win many attractive prizes playing the game. 

How to win the best cash prizes playing the game?

You should carefully read the rules and regulations of the game and the ways to win points and prizes.should learn the scoring pattern of batting, bowling, and fielding. score points for every 2 runs, 4 runs or 6 runs depending upon the match you are playing. You can choose to play different types of cricket matches such as T20, test, one-day international, etc. So, accordingly points are allocated for every run, bowling, wickets, maiden over, etc. You should also properly know the ways to win bonus points. Gems are also allocate to the player for selecting a squad. So, considering the point and bonus factor, you can choose players wisely. You should be utmost careful choosing the players of the team. For every match, you should carefully watch the performance of the players and choose even better players next time. So, you can win attractive cash prizes and earn pocket money. 

Today, many college students are earning pocket money playing the game of cricket online. So, the best cricket fantasy game is immensely interesting to everyone and they can leisurely spend their time. 


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