Why Graduates Should Choose Microsoft Certification Courses

If you’re getting ready to graduate from college, you might be wondering about what comes next in your life. While it may seem like the world is your oyster, most people who don’t go straight into the working world tend to struggle financially during their first few years out of school. Instead of just diving head-first and hoping for the best, though, you can increase your odds of success by looking into the many courses and programs that companies such as Microsoft offer to help new hires get up to speed quickly with their products and technologies.

What’s an MCSD certification course?

In a nutshell, MCSD is Microsoft’s certification program for developers who want to work with its .NET platform. There are several levels of certification – ranging from entry-level developer (MCSD Web Applications) to industry guru/architect (MCSD Software Architect). Many find that starting with MCSD Web Applications will provide them with a good foundation and enough skills to land a junior position in an IT department. At $325 USD per exam and a few exams required for MCSD Web Applications, it can be an expensive pursuit but candidates who take on their education fully or partially via a Training Camps course can save as much as 50 percent off MSRP. Just another perk of choosing full stack developer training courses offered by Training Camps!

What are the benefits of taking a course from a Top Tier institute like DICSoft Solutions?

A top tier institute like DICSoft Solutions provides courses that impart practical and theoretical knowledge to candidates as per their needs and industry standards. From Full Stack Development training to customized development of mobile applications, from Ethereum Blockchain Development to Cloud Computing course, you can always find a solution that match your goals at DICSoft Solutions. The esteemed faculty here are highly experienced and focused on providing students with more than just certification, but also cover all topics in detail by having classroom discussions, Q&A sessions, code review sessions and live project. While software development is becoming more demandable in every sector possible around us today – there has never been a better time than now to make a career change! Become an IT expert right now!

How much does it cost to enroll in MCSD training in Hyderabad, India?

We can enroll students in Hyderabad, India for Full Stack Developer Training. The cost of each program is $10,000 per student. Students receive a comprehensive curriculum that covers all facets of computer programming, including core languages and emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing and Android development. Students also receive 3 months of career counseling and guidance on job placement services. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention during hands-on training. Our instructors are experienced software developers who are up-to-date with today’s latest trends in software development, making them invaluable resources for their students’ professional growth.

Summer Internship with DICSoft Solutions at top companies

This year alone, over 900+ students were placed at top companies such as: Flipkart, Accenture Technology Labs, TCS (Telecom Consultancy Services), Google, Oracle, Microsoft Research and many more. The placement process is known to be rigorous and if you have what it takes to go through multiple rounds of interviews, you can be assured that DICSoft will ensure your success. Apart from placements during our summer internship program for experienced candidates or a Full Stack Developer Training Program for freshers who aspire to become software developers in India or abroad. This year our graduates have gotten an opportunity to get into international companies such as Amazon Web Services and Verizon Business Solutions.


After having successfully completed a summer internship in Hyderabad, I can conclude that I learnt a lot and improved my software development skills. By joining as an intern with world’s top companies, you will get to work alongside skilled professionals and learn at every step of your journey. A few tips: Talk to everyone: Those who come from different walks of life hold diverse perspectives. Always question yourself: Why am I doing what I am doing? Could there be a better way?


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