Why Conveyors Are The Next Best Thing For Your Business

When you think of employing conveyors in your production unit, your first thought is most likely the enormous amount of space it will take up, valuable space that you would much rather have utilized for other high-yielding uses. Now, what if I told you that you could get a conveyor belt that takes up as little space as possible, has a large shelf life, is extremely low maintenance and affordable too, and get this, is customizable to your business needs? Armstrong Ltd offers you all that and more, giving you a chance to reclaim your valuable floor space and optimize production in more ways than one.

You can now install conveyors for material handling without compromising on production capacity, enhance your internal efficiency and productivity, cut costs and streamline your processes with Armstrong at your side. They make moving materials easy and convenient. With their vertical conveyors, you’ve got one less problem to worry about.

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

Armstrong Ltd is India’s reigning warehouse automation company and the largest Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation Solution provider across the country. They have been providing innovative cost-effective solutions to everyday business needs for over twenty years, with a global footprint spanning across fourteen countries. At Armstrong, it’s a strong belief to make lives easier within an organization through innovation, automation, and resilience. They employ sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence systems to make your business operations smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Armstrong Ltd is home to a team of talented and dedicated conveyor manufacturers who work hard to design and create conveyors for material handling that fit your business unit like a glove. The conveyors are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting, making your manufacturing layout functional, profitable, and well organized all at once.

What are vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs)?

Vertical reciprocating conveyors ( or VRCs) are essentially vertical lifts used solely to move materials up or down from point A to point B. They are simple to maneuver, are low-risk, and are a low-budget approach to transport materials at any business unit where the movement of materials is an essential requirement. Designed to withstand the hardy industrial environment, these solid contraptions are equipped to transport up to five thousand kilograms of materials up to remarkable levels, increasing the speed and efficiency of material handling to boost functionality, reduce costs and save time.

Why not use a forklift instead? Here’s why a VRC is more beneficial than a regular old forklift:

Safe, secure and reliable

In contrast to a forklift, vertical reciprocating conveyors for material handling are sealed and steady lifts designed to carry larger loads and are set to deliver objects with no risk of damage or impairment of quality. It is safer to load and unload materials on a vertical conveyor, resulting in a marked reduction in contingent losses and damage to property.

Dual Purpose

Unlike a forklift, vertical reciprocating conveyors can act as temporary storage facilities used to hold materials for a short period of time in the midst of transitions or a minor lag in the production flow. Reduce costs and unnecessary panic by holding your unloaded materials in the conveyor while the delay in material handling is resolved and production is back in action.

Customizable and Flexible

What a forklift lacks is the possibility of being customized to meet business requirements. Vertical reciprocating conveyors are built and installed taking into careful consideration all aspects of the process to deliver a conveyor that is the perfect fit for your business. Every business is unique, and greater is the necessity to have your machinery built to match your specific kinks.

Heavy Material Work Load

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors are designed to withstand heavy loads and cater to large-scale operations with a heavy flow of materials on a day-to-day basis.  While forklifts serve the purpose of movement of materials, Vertical Conveyors do what’s already been done but in an exceedingly better way. They are practical and reliable, a valuable quality that’s as rare as they come.

Partner with Armstrong LTD, The VRC Kings

Armstrong Ltd’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are top of their game, continuously on the run to improve their operations and maximize productivity. Your VRC systems are built to understand and become more accustomed to your organization’s work plan and operations. This means your processes become more advantageous to your company by the second. In every circumstance, the benefits outway the costs, making Armstrong Ltd the go-to company for your material handling needs.


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