What is AFCAT? How many times are allowed for AFCAT?

AFCAT batch and exam can be perfectly categorised into recruitments for three main branches which will be the flying branch, the ground of technical nature and the ground of non-technical nature. This examination will always provide people with a comprehensive opportunity of joining the Indian Air Force with the help of a short service commission or the permanent commission which will depend upon the post for which people have applied.

Hence, the beginning will always be depending upon the age limit of the candidates and it is very much important for people to be clear about the technicalities of the whole process. The eligibility has been explained as:

  1. For the flying batch AFCAT eligibility criteria is 20-24 years
  2. For the ground duty batch, the eligibility criteria are 20-26 years
  3. For the technical branch, the eligibility criteria are 20-26 years.

This examination is collected by the Indian Air Force and is conducted twice every year in February end of August respectively. This particular examination is conducted to select the class one gazetted officers of the flying and ground duties both technical and non-technical. All the candidates were eagerly waiting to join the Air Force must go with the option of appearing to this particular examination by having a crystal clear idea about the educational qualifications, eligibility criteria and several other kinds of related technical aspects of the whole thing.

In the cases of language, candidates need to have at least 50% of marks in mathematics and physics at +2 level along with graduation with a minimum of three years degree course in any discipline or four years of BTech degree or candidates who have cleared section 8 section B of the examination of associate membership of institution of engineers in India.

For the ground duty, people need to have a minimum of 50% balance in physics and mathematics and +2 level along with actual studies of engineering with 60% marks in several kinds of fieldsindications of ground duty which is non-technical the legibility criteria will be different for different kinds of branches like for administration branch, account branch, logistic branch, meteorology branch and the education branch.

Candidates can apply for the AFCAT exam if he or she will be in the age group of 20-26 years and AFCAT is held twice a year. So, on a general basis, any candidate can have a maximum of 16 attempts which will be two attempts every year and a total of eight attempts. Candidates can attend the examination if they are fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned above along with the eligibility criteria’s which are also mentioned above.

 There will be no need for any kind of prior experience in this particular industry to apply for the posts of AFCAT and any fresher can even go with the option of applying for this particular aspect so that there is no chance of any kind of issue provided people are fulfilling different kinds of criteria. It is very much important for people to be clear about the technicalities and the grounds of rejection in the whole process so that there is no chance of any kind of issues at the later stage and everybody will be able to deal with the things very successfully and enjoy very bright future with the Indian Air Force.

Hence, it is very much important for people to be clear about the eligibility criteria and the basic minimum standards in the whole process so that they can deal with things very successfully and further being fit is also advisable for candidates to clear the examination and other technicalities in the very first attempt.


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