Top Social Trading Platforms in 2021

Top Social Trading Platforms in 2021

One of the most comfortable and user-friendly ways to start investing in the forex sector or various other assets rendered accessible by the best social trading traders is to get interested in social trading.

In this context, their intuitive and robust trading systems are among the items that help make these brokers both famous and simple to use. These social trading platforms are the cornerstone of every broker’s trading experience, so it is essential to find the right one that fits your needs.

Here, as these brokers offer, we take a more in-depth peek at some of the very most robust social trading platforms.


When it comes to social trading and a wealth of other features, XM is one of the most experienced brands in the sector. As a very well-regulated broker providing excellent trading platforms, they have been around since 2009 and have developed a trustworthy reputation.

XM mainly provides trading via the highly well-respected trading platforms MT4 and MT5. Here, you will participate in social trading on any of the more than 1,200 trading assets open.

Although the trading platforms of Metatrader do not have any social trading functionality explicitly, as usual, they are still some of the most well-equipped for social trading by other indirectly related methods. Using the EAs feature is the easiest way you can participate in social trading by MT4. In external social settings like the MQL5 group and import trading strategies you would like to join, this will encourage you to follow other traders.

It is approved by XM to use this kind of social trading style and is very well catered for and relatively simple to do via the user-friendly trading platforms MT4 and MT5, where you can start with a shallow minimum deposit.


AvaTrade is another of the industry’s most professional brokers who provide you with an excellent social trading infrastructure. They have been in the market for over a decade, with the Irish-based broker founded in 2006.

When it comes to social trading, they have teamed up with ZuluTrade, one of the leading trading platforms in social trading, to promote copy trading. This implies that it is both comfortable and convenient to connect your AvaTrade account with ZuluTrade directly, thanks to their relationship.

Via ZuluTrade, you would then have access to copy or supply your own trading signals to some really seasoned and effective traders. The platform hosts a range of tools that render the experience of social trading as engaging and user-friendly as possible when trading on more than 200 assets made accessible by the trader. This entails the opportunity to use the platform to check on and interact with other traders. To make copy trading directly via that trading platform, you can also link your AvaTrade MT5 account with ZuluTrade.


When it comes to copying and social trading, eToro is a market pioneer. This is the core around which the organization was founded when it first opened and which has proceeded to develop into a robust platform for social trading that is one of the sector’s most uncomplicated to use.

Not only is eToro’s proprietary social trading network beautifully attractive and very simple to use, but it is also assisted by a string of unique features and customized choices that make it the most common.

The “feeds” region of the eToro app is where you can thoroughly participate in a manner that parallels any top social networking platform of the moment with other traders. You will conveniently and rapidly trade news, thoughts, images, and more here while interacting with other traders all the time.

Combining these social trading interfaces functions with eToro’s wide variety of top copy trading features provides an interactive trading and networking environment that enables you to learn and interact with more than 1,000 assets when trading, both at very reasonable fee prices, for both CFD trading and actual stock trading opportunities.

We have put together an in-depth eToro analysis for all the latest on getting started with this top social trading giant, or you can visit eToro directly.


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