Advanced Signature Certificate for ICEGATE

Digital Signature

ICEGATE (Indian Customs EDI entryway) is the passage for the clients of the Indian Customs EDI framework. Every one of the people.

(Importers/Exporters/CHAs/Airlines/Shipping Agents and so on), exchange accomplices (Banks, Custodians/FSSAI, and so on) or Government Agencies (DGFT/Ministry of Steel and so on) interface ICEGATE for archive recording, and information sharing under Customs Business Process or for regulatory, factual, and logical or strategy-making reason. It gives Remote EDI Services (RES) to the exchange and industry for recording reports, information trade, e-installment, status inquiry, archive following, question answer, and so on. To conquer the difficulties, for example, the pantomime of Identity of the enlisted client, following the character of clients, abuses of validity of certified clients and so on there was a need to execute computerized signature for the reports/messages getting/sending electronic forward and backward the traditions colleagues, partners, and other Govt. Offices.

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What is e-Ticketing?

e-Ticketing is an internet-based course of Ticket Booking started by IRCTC for travelers. To do e-Ticketing, any IRCTC Authorized Agent must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. e-Ticketing is a protected and quick method for booking tickets securely. To finish the cycle safely IRCTC ordered the idea of a Digital Signature Certificate to log in and issue the DSC. Individual User Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (Class 3A) Signing Only is required for each Authorized Agent. Subsequent to acquiring Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate – Signing Only, the specialist necessities to plan that Digital Signature Certificate with IRCTC through a principal specialist.

For e-ticketing, what type of digital signature is required?

Any Authorized Agent should have Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate ( Individual User ) to do e-Ticketing. Advanced Signature Certificate would be given on Individual name to do e-Ticketing.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing

Any Authorized Offical Agent should have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to give a Ticket to any User. To acquire a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing, specialists need to fill Application Form and have to submit archives. To Obtain the DSC, Agent should visit us Physically at our Office for Physical confirmation. Subsequent to getting a Class 3 DSC, the specialist needs to enlist himself with IRCTC standard specialist.

How do computerized signature Certificates work?

Hashing the information

The initial step is to hash the message or advanced information. The Digital information is finished by presenting the information through a calculation so hash esteem is created (i.e., the message digest). As referenced, the messages can shift essentially in size. When they’re hashed, though, all of their hash values are the same length. This is the most essential property of a hash capability.


After the data is hashed, the source of the message needs to sign it. Here open key cryptography becomes an integral factor. There are a few sorts of computerized signature testament calculations, each with its own specific instrument. So not at all like written by hand marks, which will generally be the equivalent no matter what the message. Each carefully marked message will have an alternate computerized signature testament.


We should accept a guide to delineate the entire interaction until the last step of the check. Imagine Alice writing a message to Bob and hashing it. Then, at that point, joins the hash esteem with her confidential key to produce a computerized signature. The mark will function as an interesting computerized unique finger impression of that specific message.

At the point when Bob gets the message. He can check the legitimacy of the computerized signature declaration by utilizing the public key given by Alice.

Thus, it’s urgent for Alice to keep quiet. On the off chance that someone else gets their hands on Alice’s confidential key, they can make advanced marks and profess to be Alice. With regards to Bitcoin. This implies somebody could utilize Alice’s confidential key to move or spend her Bitcoins without her authorization.



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