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Top 7 Hidden Features of Duroflex Sofa Set That You Must Know

Duroflex is renowned for producing durable products that ‘inspire’ luxury and comfort worldwide. You may essentially redecorate your whole house with the variety of items offered, including beds, recliners, couch sets, and more. Sofa sets are essential furnishings for two reasons. First, they enhance the visual appeal of your living space. They are also perfect for lounging after a stressful day or on a weekend afternoon when you want to relax at home. Today, searching for a couch set may be challenging, as one must consider factors like quality, material, perfect upholstery, seating capacity, and more.

Additionally, the mattress and foam used in couches and beds may alter their comfort level. For example, the Duroflex sofa set has a non-siliconized virgin polyfill, which provides excellent back support and relieves strain on pressure points. In addition, the hardwood structure of the Duroflex sofa set is resistant to termite infestation, extending the life of your best furniture brands.

Features Duroflex Sofa Set

Fit and Comfort

Before purchasing a couch online, it is essential to examine its fit and comfort. There is no purpose in buying a sofa that does not meet your needs. If you purchase a reclining sofa, you must feel comfortable in all positions. The depth of the seat is an additional crucial factor to consider. 

Choose deep or shallow seats according to the typical heights of those using the sofa. The backrest must provide back support while your feet are level on the floor. If you prefer to nap on the sofa, lay down on it and determine if you are comfortable enough to sleep well.

Room Dimensions and Shape:

The first consideration when selecting a couch set is the room’s dimensions and form. Consider the room’s dimensions and form while evaluating the allotted area for your couch. Mark the couch’s approximate dimensions using chalk on the ground as an appropriate starting point. This ensures that the sofa will fit the room without difficulty.

The fabric of the sofa:

Material is one of the most important factors when purchasing a sofa. Not only does cloth provide more comfort, but it also provides a range of styles and hues. A longer-lasting leather couch is a choice. A leather couch requires minimal upkeep and is simple to clean. Leatherette, a synthetic leather alternative, is also available if you’re looking for a less costly option. 

Leatherette couches are waterproof and simple to clean. However, its durability is reduced. The superior fabric used to make the Duroflex sofa set is resistant to pilling and color fading. Our couch sets have passed European durability standards and tested for pilling and color fading. The durability of the integrated back and seat has been tested for more than 250,000 cycles.


Regardless of whether you want a leather or fabric sofa, it is vital to inspect the construction. The technical specifications will specify how all components are assembled, even if this is not immediately apparent. Observe how the frames are made using wooden dowels, metal brackets, or wooden corner blocks. Do not buy a sofa built with glue and nails, even if these materials are used for extra reinforcement.

Choose a sofa that complements your wall decor:

All parts of décor must be complementary for it to seem flawless. If you are redecorating your whole living room, pick a sofa that complements your house’s wall color and style. Couches in beige, grey, and white are great for a modern living area. However, if your living room’s motif is vintage, you will need to emphasize elegance more.

Examine the couch’s arms: 

You must thoroughly evaluate the couch’s arms. A sofa with a wooden frame assembled with dowels and corner brackets must be a high-quality piece of furniture, but it is still vital to scrutinize the sofa’s arms to ensure they are stable and tight.

Determine the appropriate upholstery and mattress:

In general, leather upholstery is the most durable option. In addition, different foam materials, such as polyfill, may provide superior back support for optimal relaxation and comfort.


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