Do hair growth shampoos really work?


Hair growth is not a simple process. It depends on several factors such as your lifestyle, daily hair care routine and mental stress, anxiety etc. Happy hormones are produced when you are in bliss emotionally. This factor makes your metabolism good. Now shampoos are the first thing that comes to the mind when it comes to cleansing the hair from oil and dirt. So can Shampoos make hair growth possible? To that question read on to know more about the shampooed actions to have increased hair growth. 

At deeper levels of understanding, the shampoo does harbour creamy ingredients to soften out the dry husky orientation of hair. It thus has cleansing, moisturising and nourishing agents which take care of both the scalp and hair strands. It is the scalp that is dotted delicately by the hair follicles. The area just above it needs to be clear of dandruff, older oil residues, particles and pollutants from the air. If not, then there comes the situation when microbes causing premature hair fall, itchy rashes and odour start to take root. The shampoo becomes your hair saviour to wash out these out of your head.

Shampoos and Hair Growth

It is important to understand that no shampoo actually causes hair growth directly. It rather stimulates hair roots and strengthens the hair follicles instead for good hair growth. Your body through the hair follicles and hair strands,  receives the required materials to cause hair growth. So look for these in shampoos for better hair growth and strength experience-

  1. Biotin, a variant of the water soluble vitamin B category. Eat and apply vitamin B rich fruits and vegetable pastes. Banana, cauliflower and mushrooms are rich in this vitamin supplement. If you have biotin deficiency, then take a prescription from doctors to get some medicines to boost the vitamin levels in your body to normal.
  2. Keratin is the protein that is essential for skin, hair and nail constitution in the human body. It forms the building block of hair strands. 

The hair growth factor does not necessarily depend on these two alone. It also depends on your genetic build to have a specific texture of hair and patterns deciding it’s growth as well as fall. What you can do is identify the deficiency in your hair and try to treat it from the outside, as well as the inside. Shampoos, conditioners, hair spas, hair masks etc help you with it. Sweat breaking exercises and aftermath refreshing showers with shampoo cleansing, stimulates your hair follicles to become more active in case of hair growth. 

What Else for Hair Growth?

Read on to know more about the growth boosters in your Shampoos. These stimulate the hair follicles and help in a good circulation of nutrients to the hair roots.

  • Histidine
  • Niacin 
  • Caffeine
  • Coconut oil containing fatty acids, melts on skin contact to form a protective shield on cleansed scalp against the infestations of dandruff and dirt attacking the hair follicles. Massage it gently from your scalp to the tips of hair for better results regularly before shampooing.
  • aloe vera massages moisturizes the dryness away to render smooth and healthy hair strands. Hair masks including aloe vera gel are the best to look after the hair conditions. It heals and rejuvenates your scalp to promote better hair growth patterns. 
  • onion extracts are infamous for their hair growth boosting elements.
  • Some drops of fish oil or Omega fatty acids to an extent repairs the hair thinning and protein loss, causing hair degeneration and hair fall in the end.
  • mixing lemon oil with other natural hair oils awakens your scalp to work up to better hair growth and unravelled freshness. It also kills off bacterial and fungal cells growing out of humid conditions.


To grow hair naturally and get more length in existing hair strands, it is ideal to prefer herbal or natural ingredients in your hair care products. These do not have any side effects unlike the chemically modified and delivered nutrients. For instant improvement you can always visit a salon and get the infamous Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout, done to improve the volume, strength and thickness of each hair strand. With this you can use heat treatments for styling your hair more often, thus protecting the core of your hair. Regular shampooing is also made possible with this treatment for cleaner and aromatic hair strands. The shampoo formula erodes a bit of keratin layer each time you cleanse your head with it. Yet it is the only best way to get rid of dandruff, excess oil and sebum.


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