Tinder Makes Dating Less Awkward with a Feature to Block Your Ex

Dating can be a messy game, especially if you’re worried about coming across the wrong person. According to a recent study by Tinder, 40 percent of users have run into an old flame on dating apps. It’s not just about seeing your ex-partner on the app either. More than 20 percent of users say that they have seen family members’ or colleagues’ profiles while swiping left or right. There’s nothing more jarring than seeing Uncle Bob pop up on your screen. Luckily, Tinder has a new feature to make things a little less awkward for daters.

Introducing the “Block Contacts” feature

One of Tinder’s latest features is aptly named “Block Contacts.” The function does just what it says. When you choose to enable it, you can decide which of your contacts you would rather not see when using the app. That gives users ultimate levels of control over their in-app experience, allowing them to filter out anyone they know. Users can access this feature within their profile settings and make changes to the blocked contacts whenever they please. This change means that there’s no chance they will come across a profile they’d rather not see.

“We may not be able to save you from awkward run-ins at the coffee shop, but we are giving you more control over your experience on Tinder,” said Bernadette Morgan, Group Product Manager, Trust & Safety at Tinder. “We’re rolling out Block Contacts as an additional resource empowering members with peace of mind by helping create a worry-free space for them to spark new connections.”

This brand new feature launched in spring ahead of “Uncuffing Season.” It’s the time of year when the weather starts to get warmer and also sees many new couples break up so that they can enjoy an unattached summer. More than 60 percent of Tinder users say that they agree that the summer is the best time to be single. What’s more, as pandemic restrictions come to an end, 2021 saw the “Great Uncuffing.” The same study reported that more than 40 percent of users would consider breaking up ahead of the summertime. There’s nothing more jarring than seeing Uncle Bob pop up on your screen. Luckily, Tinder has a new feature to make things a little less awkward for daters.

Tinder users all around the globe can now use the “Block Contacts” feature. Selecting contacts they would prefer not to see on the app gives them a new level of control over their dating life. The team originally tested the feature in Korea, India, and Japan and saw great success. Users who adopted the feature blocked an average of 12 contacts from their list.

Tech entrepreneur Sean Rad co-founded Tinder back in 2012, quickly introducing it on a college campus. Since then, the app has grown into one of the world’s most popular dating channels. It is now available in 190 countries and offered in more than 40 different languages. Rad stepped down from the company in 2016 amid controversy over his practices. In 2019, the company’s parent group filed a lawsuit against the businessman alleging that he secretly recorded multiple employee conversations. Jim Lanzone became Tinder CEO in 2020.


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