Things No One Tells You About NEET

Most of us fall in one of these categories – we are either studying, trying to get a job, or are already at a job and trying to upskill. Our lives majorly seem to revolve around these aspects, and in most cases, it requires one to clear competitive exams. The cycle starts from there. It is a big deal to crack these tests in today’s age, preparations for which start well in advance. But, how does one get it right? How should preparations be on point? Challenges in cracking an exam like NEET, are immense. So, how does one go about sealing a seat in your dream medical college? You will find answers to all your questions in this article. 

Here, we familiarize you with important facets of NEET, that you possibly might have overlooked but hold immense importance. These suggestions will surely get you a step ahead of others. As what matters at the end of the day is if you managed to secure a seat for yourself or not. So, read through to find out. 

Things To Know About NEET That No One Tells You

  1. Ponder over your “why”

In other words, know why you are where you are. Understand and look at the ultimate purpose, the bigger picture of you cracking NEET 2021. Most aspirants take up this exam to become successful medical professionals and serve mankind. Let this be your driving force, your motivation to prepare for the competitive test. 

  1. Comprehending the purpose and demand of NEET

Every test demands something from the student. Understand this purpose of NEET. It is important to know this as it helps you properly interpret the many aspects, requirements of the test, imbibe the same and prepare accordingly.

  1. Syllabus, your best buddy 

Most of us sitting for NEET know what to study, but how many of us exactly know what not to study? Syllabus for NEET gives the actual insights into this. It is critical to know what is irrelevant from the exam point of view, save time and invest the same in learning that is important for the test.  

  1. Assess your knowledge 

Stay true to yourself, have this inner dialogue within you asking questions. Now that you have comprehended the demand of the exam, know the syllabus, and question yourself. Ask what and how much of it you actually know. Evaluate if you need a mentor, an academic advisor and sign up for coaching if need be. Remember, a lot is at stake, so do not step back from seeking assistance.  

  1. Hard work, your ultimate saviour 

Be certain that if there is anything that will save your ship from sinking, it is all the hard work you put in. There is no substitute for this. So, stay consistent with your preparation and strive to do better than what you did yesterday. 

  1. Practice, it is key 

While it may seem clichéd, it is the tried and tested facet. Practice as many previous years’ question papers so that you are ready to face any type of question. 

This was brief on important suggestions to crack NEET 2021. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more information on NEET. 


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