Things You Should Know Before Skydiving in Dubai

There are several adventurous activities that you can enjoy in Dubai, and among them, skydiving is the personal favorite of all the tourists. Skydiving in Dubai is famous for thrilling and adventurous experiences. It is also preferred to observe the beauty of the modern city from the sky. You will find numerous spots in Dubai for skydiving that includes beaches, deserts, and city areas.

In your Dubai Tour Package, what can be more thrilling than Jumping from the height of more than 13,000 ft from the aircraft and feeling the free fall? But before going skydiving, there are certain things that you must consider, as mentioned below,

The Thing You Need to Know

  • Your age should be minimum of 18 years or above if you wish to go skydiving in Dubai.
  • The maximum weight that you can have should not exceed 100 kg.
  • You are strictly prohibited from going skydiving if you have a problem with your neck, back, or shoulder.
  • Before going skydiving in Dubai, you are asked to sign a liability waiver form, also known as the form. This form will include all the risks that are involved in skydiving.
  • For a successful skydiving process, you will need a minimum of three hours if the weather is in good condition. But if the weather conditions are not feasible, it might take the whole day.

Types of Skydiving

We can generally call it types of skydiving or the types of jumps. So, there are three types of skydiving you can enjoy in Dubai. The three types are, Tandem jump, accelerated free fall, and the static line jump. Now let us know the details about all these three types of hops,

Accelerated Free Fall

Accelerated Free Fall is the most opted type of sky diving and is preferred by many people. For Accelerated Free Fall, it requires extensive training. When you jump for the first time, you will experience the free fall for the first 50 seconds. The whole skydiving process with this method generally involves two instructors for a single diver. When the diver is released from the helicopter, he has an instructor with him who holds the diver. Once the instructor is successful in helping the diver to open their parachute, they release the diver.

Then, the duty of the second instructor starts who guide the diver to land successfully. The second instructor communicates with the diver through the radio.

Static Line Jump

This type of skydiving is for those who want to jump alone and enjoy the solo experience of skydiving in Dubai. This type of skydiving requires good and essential training, both in-ground level and technical level. Only after a one day-long training, you can go to attempt the static line jump. In this type of skydiving, the diver generally experiences a concise time of free fall. As soon as the diver jumps off the plane, a min canopy connected to the helicopter is deployed.

Tandem Jump

For beginners or first-time divers attempting skydiving in Dubai, this type will suit you the most. In this type of skydiving, you will with tied to an instructor with the help of a harness. Now, all the things or further procedures will be done by the instructor and what you need to do is enjoy the thrilling experience. The instructor will guide you in opening the parachute, plotting the canopy, and also while landing. This is the best type of skydiving where you can experience the thrill, adventure, and free fall at the same time.

Skydiving Spots in Dubai

Now finally coming to the best spots for skydiving in Dubai. So, generally, most skydiving agencies prefer two zones or locations for landing. The first one is the Palm Zone which is located in the middle of Dubai. The palm zone lies near the Palm Jumeirah islands. The other most preferred locations are the deserts of Dubai or the central desert campus.

The Palm Jumeirah Islands

Palm Jumeirah Island is the most prominent drop location for skydiving in Dubai. The total cost of experiencing skydiving in this place will be around INR 35,000. From here, you can share the beautiful view of the beaches of the Jumeirah Islands.

Desert Campus

This location is the best one for those who are going to attend their first-time tandem skydiving. This is the most excellent spot to experience the elegance of the deserts in Dubai. The cost of skydiving in these locations is around INR 30,000.

Therefore, these were some of the critical points and locations for skydiving in Dubai. Make sure you go through each of the issues very carefully to have a fantastic skydiving experience. Add this must-to-do activity to your record of the activities to do in Dubai. You can also find some travel agencies that will provide you with the best skydiving on your trip to Dubai.



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