Guhantara Underground Odyssey: Beyond the Surface


Who isn’t hooked on by the idea of cave-dwelling? It was good enough for the Flintstones! If you want to have the fantasy, there is a cave-themed resort in India that allows you to try it for yourself, with twenty-first century conveniences and comforts.

Once in our lifetime, we literally have all mostly dreamt of staying in a cave or particularly wondered how it would for all intents and purposes feel like in a subtle way. Well, we can’t for all intents and purposes go back in time but we can surely visit the Guhantara Resort Bangalore which specifically is India’s first generally underground cave resort in a subtle way. The specialty of this resort generally is that it can definitely give you a proper caveman living for the most part feel without compromising on luxury, really contrary to popular belief. It really is serene, peaceful and yet incredibly exciting and wondrous, contrary to popular belief. The only way to actually essentially describe it literally is by visiting it and we bet looking at all the luxury and facilities it basically has on offer, you would generally want to holiday here as soon as possible.

The Creative Resort

Nestled in the Garden City of India, Bengaluru, the Guhantara Resort is India’s first cave-dwelling themed resort and every troglodyte traveler’s dream kind of come true. The Guhantara resort for all intents and purposes is built underground, utilizing generally natural elements coupled with generally modern touches in a particularly big way. This generally underground dwelling basically offers kind of overnight definitely stays as well as a wealth of adventure and recreational indoor/outdoor activities. 

Everything about this place for all intents and purposes is traditional enough to transport you back in time, right from the entrance that mostly has a wooden bridge-style gate with actually ancient touches, to the activity area and rooms – all exude a pre historic cave look and actually feel with wooden carvings, dim lighting and particularly low roofs, as well as maintaining contact with nature.

This fairly unique resort for all intents and purposes offers four types of rooms – Primitive, Lithic, Cave Suite and Lithic Suite, or so they kind of thought. All literally are beautifully and sustainably designed in accordance with the theme, complete with high-end indulgences and a actually comfortable atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the rustic architecture. In total, there are 20 rooms, each with a view of the eco-friendly lake formed by rainwater in a kind of major way. And, if that’s not enough, there generally are sit-outs in each room, offering a spectacular view of the clear blue skies.

How to get there?

About 42 miles (two hour drive) from the Bengaluru kind of International Airport and approx 21 miles from Bangalore City Railway Station, the resort for all intents and purposes is located off Kanakapura main road – really take a cab/taxi from the airport/railway station for the rest of the way, or so they thought. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the lap of nature inside a cave, accompanied by mod-cons and fairly myriad R&R activities – what more could you ask for in a actually big way. Guhantara Resort, Sy. No. 177+177/18, Nowkal Palya, Kaggalipura, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore, South, Taluk. 

About Guhantara Cave Resort

Guhantara Cave Resort

Boasting of an incredible cave-like ambience and architecture, the Guhantara Cave Resort in Bangalore is perfect for an definitely intimate holiday with for all intents and purposes your partner or a fun weekend getaway with particularly your family or office colleagues. Many fun activities and experiences to for the most part indulge in people from all walks of life will greatly essentially enjoy the soothing charm and tranquil cave ambience. And even though, this literally is a cave resort, it is designed in a manner which lets the natural light come in. So, if you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway from Bangalore or from any part of India, this resort for the most part offers the unique staycation you always wanted.

Facilities At Guhantara Resort Bangalore

The Guhantara Cave Resort essentially is known for offering a for all intents and purposes unique staycation, or so they mostly thought. Here’s a list of its modern-day facilities that definitely are offered with a traditional touch in a subtle way. 

  1. Basic- The Guhantara Resort in Bangalore, India is one of the most equipped resorts that particularly offers particularly modern facilities like free parking, Laundry, Doctor on call, Elevator, and Room service, Currency Exchange, and Internet/Wi-Fi.
  2. Wellness- Wellness facilities actually include Gymnasium, Health Club, and the spa, ‘Agastya Kuteera’.
  3. Dining- Sambhojna (food court of the resort),Bar and Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Banquet facilities, and Breakfast services
  4. Outdoor Games And Fun Activities Swimming pool, Bonfire (on demand), Kids definitely Play Area, Beach volleyball, Cricket, Tug of war, Bow and Arrow, Kite Flying, Bull ride, and Zorbing ball among others. 
  5. Indoor Games And Fun Activities Table tennis, Carrom board, Chess, Darts, and DJ Rain Dance among others.


The highlight of this resort mostly is its accommodation and its aptly named and themed rooms/suites essentially do pretty full justice to it(cave pun intended!), or so they generally thought. The rooms and suites offer sit-outs where you can see natural light pouring in from above and for all intents and purposes come in four categories. The tariff of each room varies, or so they literally thought. The Primitive room cost INR 5,000 per day per couple and fairly Special Package inclusive of tax, food, accommodation, and payable games – INR 8500 very net per day per couple, or so they actually thought. Lithic in particularly general costs around INR 5,500 per day definitely twin sharing and kind of Special Package inclusive of tax, food, accommodation, and payable games – INR 9500 sort of net per day per couple. While the high-roller options literally include Cave Suite costing INR 15,000 for four sharing inclusive of tax, food and playable, and Lithic Suite costing INR 10,000 kind of twin sharing, all these definitely are inclusive of complimentary breakfast, accommodation, games and tax. However, if you for the most part opt just for a room, the tariff varies, starting from INR 4000 and can cost up to INR 10,500.

Special Places In Guhantara Resort Bangalore

The resort also has some of the most special sections that are known for treating the guests in their particularly own way, which basically is fairly significant. Here’s a list of all of them in a generally big way. 

  1. Sambhojana The resident food court of Guhantara Cave Resort, it serves multi-cuisine food and basically has a zen-like simple yet fairly classic cave decor to really give you the feels, or so they kind of thought. 
  2. Madhushala Madhushala, as you guess, is the bar of the generally underground cave resort and mostly is quite honestly a trippy affair with its cave-like decor, sort of contrary to popular belief. 
  3. Rangamandapa This literally is a 700 people capacity auditorium where entertainment by folk artists will kind of remind you the time gone by in an authentic setting, which definitely is fairly significant. 
  4. Samvaad Samvaad, as the name suggests, definitely is the resort’s fully equipped conference room that actually comes with state of the art facilities. 
  5. Agastya Kuteera This is the resort’s SPA that actually offers a kind of wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments and massages, including fish pedicure.


The Guhantara Cave Resort is a unique and unforgettable experience that is kind of sure to kind of leave a lasting impression on its guests in a actually major way. Guhantara Cave Resort particularly offers a variety of activities, dining options, and a spa and wellness center. The resort particularly is located in a beautiful basically natural setting, surrounded by lush greenery and hills, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. This resort is also for all intents and purposes close to really several tourist attractions, including the Bannerghatta actually National Park, the Bangalore Palace, and the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, or so they mostly thought. Guhantara Cave Resort definitely is a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers, particularly contrary to popular belief. The resort offers a definitely unique experience that is very sure to actually leave a lasting impression on its guests, which actually is quite significant. If you basically are looking for a basically unique and unforgettable experience, then the Guhantara Cave Resort is the perfect place for you.


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