Both python and Matlab are high level programming languages that are extensively popular in the programming landscape. The major factor behind this popularity is the spectrum of dynamic features that these languages offer. Broadly the features that python offers are that it is cross platform compatible, interpreted language, open source, dynamic and readable programming language. It allows the amateurs in programming to explore high level attributes of programming. 

Matlab on the other hand offers an interactive interface; it is also a high-level programming language, with a highly dynamic graphical interface. It allows the programmers to develop interactive applications with graphical bases. It is also a simple and easy to grip programming language, while also providing cross platform operability.

This article is based on python vs. Matlab. It offers dynamic comparisons between the two programming languages based on diverse parameters. Although both languages are high level languages, cross platform compatible and easy to learn interact with. Both the languages are written in readable codes and can be easily understood by alien programmers too. If you want to get any help for your Matlab Assignment Help, our experts will help you

Here is a comparison between Python and Matlab.



Here are some of the identical features of matlab. These features are useful in determining the utility of matlab with respect to python.

  • High-level language:

Matlab is a high level programming language with an orientation towards matrix. It is high performance software that allows working swiftly with algorithms, graphics, and data analysis. It further facilitates development of scientific technology-driven models and applications. Working out mathematical calculations and data analysis get much easier with Matlab.

  • Abundant support Library:


Matlab has a huge library of blocks. These blocks can be accessed anytime through the Matlab toolbar. Having a huge library allows Matlab users to insert pre existing blocks into the models. The block libraries simplify the designing process. The ease that this software offers is one of the reasons for its popularity among programmers as well as engineers from mechanical and electronic backgrounds.

  • Language compatibility:


Matlab is one of those high level programming languages which offer cross platform compatibility. It offers symbiotic functioning with a range of programming languages. This holds that Matlab codes can be run and executed on other platforms conveniently. It offers compatibility with python, C, C++, FORTRAN, java etc. Languages that offer compatibility with other programming languages feature among the most popular languages. Compatibility with other languages makes Matlab one among the most popular programming languages.

  • Graphics:


Graphics are the most powerful elements of the Matlab. It uses a combination of high and low level commands for availing the graphical dynamics. Matlab also supports optimization of 2D and 3D components. It is extensively becoming the top priority programming language among engineers and scientists working with graphical projects. Matlab produces more than 1000 GUI applications annually.

  • User friendly:


Matlab is an impressively user-friendly and interactive platform. Although it is matrix based, it resembles the interactive feature of python. Both the languages are known for their simple and user attractive interfaces. Matlab and python only differ in the matrix base of Matlab.


Here are some of the distinguishing features associated with python. These features are vital in establishing the overall character and nature of the python programming language.

  • High level language


Python is one of the most updated and high level programming languages. Being high level signifies that the language is simple and easy to understand. It can be easily learned and executed by futuristic programmers. 

  • Cross platform compatible


Python offers cross platform operability. It allows programmers to run and execute codes written on one platform on other relevant platforms. It offers compatibility with C, C++, java as well as Matlab.

  • Vast community


Python being a high level language enjoys the support of a vast community. This vast size of community allows the programmers to interact and evolve innovative programmes. This also allows the fresh programmers to learn and work with experienced programmers.

  • Object oriented


Python uses objects and classes to design model codes. This method is used to ease the process of interpretation by the machine. This type of programming promotes high efficiency for a long time.

  • Graphical user interface


Python programming is the one which offers a graphical interface. It displays results embedded with visually interpretable components. It is one of the starkest features of python programming. It is also the reason for widespread community support for python.

  • Easy to learn


Python being a high level language is quite easy to learn, when compared to other typical programming languages. It takes relatively less time to learn coding in python. Although other programming languages with the typical programming set are quite vital in the programming landscape, python is increasingly assuming the priority spot among programmers.


The above discussion based on Python vs. Matlab offers a comprehensive insight into the features of both the programming languages. After discussing all the above points, it can be concluded that both the languages offer somewhat similar features and specialise in similar but different domains. Python largely engages in application development, whereas Matlab is extensively used in the domains with a dominating graphical component. Programmers can choose between python and Matlab based on their programming preferences and relevant objectives.



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