PEO in Spain

Employer of Record Services is the HR option for international clients not based in Spain. We oversee the international contracting procedure so clients can establish and grow their businesses here.

Do you wish to expand your company in Spain so that you may concentrate solely on strategy and important tasks?

Are you seeking a knowledgeable staff to assist you to cut expenses and save time as you try to grow your business in Spain?

Do you want to entice the best talent Spain has to offer to your company?

While we take over legal responsibility for the entire administrative process of recruiting your personnel, our Employer of Record (EOR) Services are intended to assist you in growing your business in Spain.

What can a record-keeping employer do for your business?

An Employer of record serves as a sort of middleman between your employees and your business. A trusted partner can serve as your Employer of Record, saving you time and money instead of requiring you to set up a local structure, which can be expensive, or deal with foreign employment law, which can be complicated and change quickly.

Why would you require a record-keeping employer in Spain?

A local legal employer can ensure that your employees are paid on time, that they are a part of a company that is legally established in our country, and that their tax deductions are paid on time and correctly if you want to enter the Spanish market but don’t have the opportunity to set up your business here or your HR department cannot devote the time necessary to learn Spain’s legislation.

What your EOR, INS Global, does

We handle payroll, taxes, insurance, and all other employee-related matters as your Employer of Record partner. By using EOR Services, you may effectively manage your time and stop worrying about how Spanish law is constantly changing.

With regards to onboarding, managing, and paying staff, INS global has the infrastructure in Spain to do so quickly and effectively. Complete adherence, guidance, and risk-free services. 

We defend your employees from any potential legal problems. In this manner, you can concentrate on overseeing their job while they concentrate on creating their tasks. With our partners, we want to establish a working partnership based on giving them the information they require at the precise moment they require it. being open and honest without being overly so. That is the aim.

Many foreign businesses, including multinationals and SMEs, work with INS Global as their local EOR partner. These are companies that don’t have structures or offices in our nation but are nonetheless always on the lookout for qualified candidates and wish to streamline the hiring procedures in Spain. Costs and time are decreased with the aid of a licensed employer like us, and the net benefits for our partners increase.


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