How To Enjoy Watching Sports Broadcasts Online

Many Polish winter sports fans are closely following the achievements of our team at the Olympics in Sochi. For those who were not able to go there, the opportunity to watch the competition via the Internet remains. Similarly, sports evenings will be spent by those who are waiting for the start of the league queue and the upcoming indoor soccer championship. For dessert, streaming services will provide coverage of the World Cup in Brazil.

The broadcasts are also dealt with on a daily basis not only by sports fans, but also film and series enthusiasts, as well as computer game enthusiasts. In Poland, several million Internet users play video content on the Internet, 80% of them regularly use this function. According to the research, men stream more than women, but the differences between the sexes are small. Here are some tips on how to ensure the best possible transmission quality.

1. Relieve the computer, prioritize Quos and speed up transmission

Usually, the older the computer on which we watch the 무료 스포츠중계, the worse its quality. Therefore, it is especially important with age-old equipment that it is crucial to pay attention to whether we have other applications open while watching, which disturb our reception and cause slowdowns, cuts or extend the waiting time for the playback to start. Firewalls or other security measures to filter network communication can be an obstacle. If they pose a problem, add temporary exceptions for the selected streaming services, ensuring in advance that they are trustworthy. If you use a router with QoS (Quality of Service) function, it is worth using this function by logging into its control panel and selecting one of the predefined settings that give priority to the video signal.

Some processor manufacturers, who want to help us obtain optimal conditions for trouble-free on-line transmission, even on slower equipment and with a low bandwidth connection, introduce various amenities. An example of such a solution is AMD Quick Stream technology, which gives the video signal a high priority and fills the video buffer faster. This technology thus ensures fast and smooth streaming and is available on all systems using AMD’s A- and E-Series APUs, including the cheapest ones.

2. Adjust the transmission quality to the link and screen

It may be too late to change the parameters of the link just before the start of the game, downhill skiing or figure skating. Therefore, it is worth knowing what transmission quality you can count on with the current Internet provider’s package. For smooth viewing of video in SD quality, the bandwidth of 512 kb / s is needed, but today it is enough for a small number of people, and the connection standards are usually much higher. For transmission in HD, i.e. 720p, a bandwidth of at least 4 Mb / s is needed. Access based on radio technologies should have this threshold even slightly higher due to the disturbances in the air and drops in transfer at the time of increased traffic intensity. 8 Mb / s will be sufficient to watch video in Full HD, i.e. 1080p.

The detail of the image is so high here that the benefits of using a TV or other large high-definition screen will be clearly felt. It is worth remembering that most of the modern, popular laptops have HD Ready screens only, so if this is where the signal is to be played, there is no need to adjust the quality to a value higher than 720p. The difference to the higher settings will not be visible, but the system and link load will be disproportionately higher.

3. Use only reputable sites and improve video quality

The matter is obvious. We should choose only proven and reputable streaming services. Especially if we decide on the option of exceptions in firewalls. As a result, the chance of downloading unwanted software drops significantly, while at the same time the transmission quality should be the best. In a situation where this quality is still too low, new technologies in modern computers come to the rescue. The video from the camera mounted on the racing skier’s helmet will always be full of tremors and shocks, which can be stabilized in real time by e.g. AMD Steady Video.

On the other hand, the colors and contrast of the transmission, which usually leave a lot to be desired in bad weather or when the picture is filled with snow-filled spaces, can be easily enhanced with the AMD Perfect Picture HD feature. Both solutions are added completely free of charge to computers and laptops with AMD A- and E-Series APUs. There is no need to have any additional software here, because these functions are embedded in the system drivers.

4. Use proven applications and make yourself comfortable in front of the big screen

During streaming, the data is compressed and then decompressed using the computer hardware acceleration and decompressed software to display it in the best possible quality. Thanks to this method of transmission, the amount of data is kept to a minimum, but it requires the use of modern applications, such as those offered by Windows (Windows Media Player) as part of its packages. There are also free programs at the user’s disposal, such as VLC, which is appreciated by Internet users for not having to install additional codecs that increase the load on the hardware, which other applications usually need.

If the computer monitor is not the largest size or it is simply more convenient for us to watch movies elsewhere, we can easily “transfer” the image to a larger screen, such as a TV or other equipment connected or equipped with a display, such as game consoles or tablets. The simplest solution in this case will of course be an HDMI or Display Port cable, which we use to connect two devices. However, today more and more often you can give up additional cables and send the video signal from your computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi. These capabilities are provided by AMD Screen Mirror and AMD Wireless Display technologies on systems with AMD A-Series processors. Both features work independently of traffic and network transfer speeds.



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