ID Document Verification – Combating Financial Fraud in the Digital Era

The recent pandemic has, in fact, forced several sectors to shift to internet platforms. As the world’s reliance on digital products and services increases, customer expectations are transforming. Sadly, these improvements have also made it easier for criminals to exploit digital methods of verification for their illicit motives.

The lack of an effective method for document verification has resulted in millions of fraud cases in the past few years. Major innovations, including ID document verification using artificial intelligence, have significantly reduced the fraud rate. White collar crimes decreased overall, but especially in the sector of financial services where fraudsters find it more challenging to trick computerized systems than manual ones.

The ‘What’, ‘How’, and ‘Why’ of ID Document Verification

All entities in the financial services sector, including company headquarters, social gaming websites, e-learning portals, and travel agencies, must confirm the validity of the credentials provided by customers. Due diligence on customers and compliance with KYC and AML regulations all require this procedure.

What is ID Document Verification?

Document verification refers to the process of authenticating a document in order to stop fraud. During identity document verification, the software confirms the user’s identity using documents such as a driver’s license, passport, rent agreements, utility bills, etc.

Identity documentation verification is essential for any organization since it entails confirming the accuracy of the information such as their complete name, nationality, place of employment or residence, etc. Optical character recognition software extracts the required information from the documents.

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Is there a Need for ID Document Verification?

The prevalence of false impersonation and phony identities is rising. Fraudsters can simply assume a different identity by obtaining information from social media sites or by accessing a company’s server to change customer information. Online document verification services are becoming essential, especially for businesses that deal with money because of the rise in these crimes.​​ Furthermore, in order to keep scammers at a distance, international regulatory agencies have recommended enterprises use document verification and other identity verification techniques.

How Does ID Document Verification Work? 

Businesses, whether they are online-only or physically there, have prepared themselves with technology that is powered by AI and offers a document verification system. As soon as a customer accesses the business website, the digital document verification process starts working. The user must then upload a photo of themselves having an ID document. After cross-referencing the retrieved data with the image on the identity document, the document verification solution confirms the validity of the client.

OCR extracts information from the person’s official ID card. Information can be extracted with the aid of an advanced data extraction procedure that is very precise and without human error. A further advantage of digital document verification technologies is their capacity to recognize any type of fraudulent papers, such as the following:

  • False Documents

The perpetrator is attempting to exploit this kind of document, which actually belonged to someone else, to carry out some illegal conduct.

  • Modified Documents

The scammer has altered this kind of document. Modifications can take several forms, such as adjustments to the body text, formatting, signature, etc.

  • Illegitimate Documents

These documents are exact replicas of authentic identification documents. These documents lack holograms, contain false identification information, etc.

Benefits of ID Document Verification System

Apparently, document verification enables companies to resist illegal actions including falsified documents, fake identities, and even children seeking to access age-restricted internet platforms like casinos. This method has two main benefits, which are as follows:

  • Quick and Easy

Digital document checks are a smooth process. All that is necessary is a legitimate ID document, which will subsequently be utilized to demonstrate the customer’s identification. In this approach, the customer is prepared to complete their intended activity without hassle or scam.

  • Privacy and Security

The primary objective of a company’s security strategy is to protect a customer’s privacy. For a business, confirming a customer’s real identity is just as important as revenue. With this technique, the document is checked against data obtained from an examination of the facial features or fingerprints of the end user. Since each person’s biological characteristics are distinctive, it improves security and protects the consumer from identity theft and violent offenses.

Final Thoughts

The best methods for companies to quickly and effectively authenticate their consumers are through identity documents. Fraudsters can alter identity documents in a variety of ways to make them more valuable to them. Businesses that don’t implement the ID document verification procedures risk being taken advantage of by scribes who are skilled enough to alter documents in a manner that confuses the human eye.


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