Organic cotton has several benefits for infants

Moms want nothing more than to provide their children with the finest opportunities in life. You can do your part by making informed purchases for your newborn, particularly in the first few months. Use only high-quality items on your new bundle of joy, from onesies and diapers to swaddling blankets and bedding.

Selecting everyday items made from natural fibers like cotton and linen is a good first step. Synthetic textiles, such as polyester, are often created from petroleum-based chemicals, are not biodegradable (therefore aren’t good for the environment), and are not as breathable as their natural counterparts. The advantages of purchasing from our new organic selection are as follows:

100% non-toxic

When it comes to organic cotton, Wearmiho is the gold standard. As a result, you can be certain that no harmful chemicals were used at any point in the production of your cotton, from planting to harvesting to processing to dyeing and printing. We have made everything from swaddles to bibs to blankets to crib sheets out of the finest organic cotton for your newborn’s comfort.

Non-irritating to a newborn’s skin

The skin on your newborn is five times thinner and more delicate than your own. As a result, your child is far more susceptible to the effects of chemical exposure than you are. Organic cotton is great for infants since it is soft and comfortable on their delicate skin. Your child is less likely to develop eczema, dermatitis, rashes, or other skin allergies since the fabric is chemical-free. Fabrics constructed from organic cotton have antimicrobial and mold-resistant properties since the cotton is left in its natural condition.

Our comprehensive new Parent Diaries section to infant skincare advice has even more information on how to care for baby’s skin.

Added coziness and softness

Cotton is a soft material when left in its natural state, although it can become rather harsh when processed. Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton because of the gentler production method. This makes it a potential better choice for a newborn with sensitive skin. This is especially crucial for items that come into direct contact with their skin, such clothing, bedding, and swaddles.

Prolonged existence

It’s also possible to make money by investing in organic cotton. Because it is grown and processed in a sustainable manner, organic cotton has a significantly longer lifespan than conventional fabrics. Even being subjected to a whopping 100 washes, clothing crafted from organic cotton will not only retain its plush feel but really improve in texture with time.

Beneficial to the natural world

Pesticide-free and cultivated using rainwater instead of conventional water, organic cotton is better for the planet. Organic cotton production results in smaller carbon footprints and less fossil fuel use. Furthermore, organic cotton farming is safer for farmers and helps maintain soil fertility.

Many people are realizing the many advantages of organic cotton, and hence there is now an increasing supply. To ensure your baby’s health, happiness, and comfort, there is nothing better than organic cotton items, which can be found in everything from bedding to apparel to burp cloths and cloth diapers. You can get the trendiest organic infant care products in town on Wearmiho.


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