Order management B2B: know how to improve your order management B2B

Order management B2B

B2B, companies to companies is the term that covers all companies that create products and services to sell to other companies, instead of selling them directly to customers. Typically, B2B has higher order values, longer sales cycles, and are also more complex than B2C (company to customers).

B2B companies are supporting companies that offer their products and services to other companies, who need to operate and sell. They offer commands mainly raw materials, finished pieces, services such as queries so that other companies can operate, grow and obtain a benefit.

Now, given that B2B’s e-commerce demand is increasing, the need is to support the new cohort of buyers, and by it; You need an optimized B2Border management system.

Order management B2B

The B2B orders administration can be defined as the process of placement and monitoring of the orders of such companies and administering compliance with the necessary process for it. A B2Border management process is like this:

  • The order manager or the sales representative, which obtains the order, enters the order tracking system, which could normally be software or a manual spreadsheet.
  • Next is the confirmation of the order, send the client.
  • Products according to order are reserved and assigned.
  • The order is then sent to the warehouse to choose, then packed, and finally sent. If the item or product is not available in the warehouse, a pilot is created.
  • Once sent, a sending confirmation is sent to the client.
  • The order is finally delivered to the customer.

An order management system is mainly a tool or a platform that is used to track the order, back inventory levels and shipping.

Best B2B Order Management Systems

As a small company that handles some orders and deliveries a day, you can manage everything on a spreadsheet manually. But, when it comes to handling more than 100 orders a day, you will always need something fully automated. It is here, B2B order management systems come into play. Let’s see some of the main B2B order management systems that you can use in your business:

  • The OMS Software (Independent Order Management System)

WHO is excellent for ordering the management software that combines the administration of independent orders, an e-commerce platform and accounting software that helps companies improve their operational efficiency.

The software helps the centralization of all data through several channels, and may include inventory management and the functionalities of the reports

  • ERP Software (Business Resource Planning)

The ERP software is excellent when companies experience operational inefficiencies associated with the data and management of the system. The software comes with a wide range of features such as inventory management, financial management, CRM, purchase, warehouse and logistics, and also human resources and payroll.

  • Board of arrivals and B2B operations

This is the third option and perhaps better of the other two. All the best of the other two options is needed and becomes a specialist in retail operations and B2B. A retail platform and B2B has all the main functionality that is there at the other two, including financial management, management of inventories and sales, purchase management and supplier, CRM administration, compliance , the management of warehouses and logistics.


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