Online Learning: And Elixir in the Time of COVID-19 Catastrophe

In India, schools, colleges, and universities are currently based solely on traditional methods of learning, i.e., face-to-face lectures in a classroom. Even though many academic units have begun to implement blended learning, many remain stuck in the past. The unexpected outbreak of Covid-19, a deadly disease caused by a Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2), shook the entire world. It was stated as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This situation posed a challenge to the global education system, forcing educators to shift to an online mode of instruction overnight.

Many educational institutions which had previously been unwilling to change their conventional teaching approach had no choice but to move entirely to online teaching. The article discusses the significance of online learning as well as a SWOT analysis of e-learning modes in times of crisis. This article also sheds some light on the growth of Ed-Tech startups during pandemics and natural disasters and recommendations for educational institutions on how to deal with challenges associated with online learning.

Online Teaching Is No Longer An Alternative, It’s A Need

The betwixt can be referred to as the elixir for the crisis in online teaching and learning. The Corona Virus has made institutions move from offline to online pedagogical methods. This crisis will make the previously unwilling institutions accept modern technology. This disaster will show us the lucrative side of online learning. We can talk with many students at any time and in every part of the world using online teaching modes. All institutions need to browse through different options for online pedagogical approaches and try to make better use of technology. Many universities around the world have thoroughly digitized their operations to understand this dire need. In this chaos, online learning emerges as a winner of the game. In this stage, therefore, the improvement of the quality of online education is crucial.

Online Courses The Elixir For Your Future

India is moving rapidly to become a digitally advanced country, and we see a substantial shift in the transformation of business. The need for this hour is to overcome the necessary gap in skills and build a future workforce ready for the next stage of technology disruption.

To achieve this goal, Panasonic India has launched Career-Ex designed by industry experts to provide experts and mentors in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and so forth. This is an immersive, practical, and personalized learning experience.

These programs are meant to give students the skills needed for future employees. They understand today’s requirements and therefore aim to build on a student’s potential and know-how to be ready to work and to provide them with tailored upgrading/re-qualification programs.

Extensive learning modules and industry-leading faculty

These career-Ex online courses are curated by an extensive learning module, ensuring that students obtain all the knowledge required to become industry-leading experts. Career-Ex ensures that your career is shaped the way it deserves to be with dedicated live virtual classroom sessions, E-Learning assignments, and live projects and internships. It also ensures that you are guided by the right mentors, which is why here faculties are made up of industry experts who have graduated from prestigious institutes such as IIT, IIM, ISB, and others and have extensive industry experience in the fields of Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages of joining Panasonic career-Ex

When you apply to any of the CareerEx online training courses, Panasonic’s name is automatically added to your CV. Panasonic has emerged as one of the leading industrial giants in their segment, with a century-old legacy of offering promising and disruptive consumer electronic goods. Panasonic’s brand is enough to earn you the fifth star on your resume, which many candidates and employees desire. At CareerEx online courses in India, we make certain that your CV receives all the attention it deserves, and this is where we add the factor of perfection by incorporating the Panasonic edge on top of our online courses.


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