Mic Bug App in Work Life of The Influence

So last year at the same time when we were at the final stage of initializing the remote work protocol my secretary gave some last-minute advice. She told me we should get an employee monitoring app and especially a feature that lets us know about the whereabouts and surroundings of the target employee.

The nature of our work is very sensitive and confidentiality and secrecy are the mandatory acts we expect from our employees. So when the first meeting happened where the higher authorities discussed the pros and cons of working from home. I was in disbelief. It was a total risk in my opinion. Letting employees take all the paperwork at home and what will be the quality of work without direct supervision.

Anyway, I thought at the moment that it might be the closure need. So I told her to give me a complete report after doing some thorough research. She knew I would agree so without wasting any further time she emailed some research work that how it is possible and which spy app will work best for us.

So we did some more investigation and research on our end and selected the OgyMogy spy app. To be honest I was not so sure that the use of employee monitoring software will be as affected as we want. But truthfully it was beyond my expectation. Especially the feature that reports about the surroundings and whereabouts of the target employee were very effected to track some sloppy employees as well.

 OgyMogy Mic Bug feature made our life way easier

Here is how the use of OgyMogy made our life way easier and much more professional even when the employees are now working from home.

Learn About Their Surrounding Environment:

We all know that it is a difficult time for all of us and not everyone can manage to get an alone peaceful corner at home for work. Employers want to keep a check on the employees especially when some official call. For that, we used the Mic bug feature offered by the employee monitoring app. This feature bugs the mic of the target person’s smart device.  The user can get remote access to listen to all the surrounding voices around the target mic. It is a real blessing as we track an employee who was pushing his work on his team and was planning to leave town. The conversation was tracked by using the android spy app version.

Great Help For Securing Confidential Data:

In case some employees share any confidential information consciously or unconsciously, The OgyMogy mic bug app feature report about it right away. Use this feature to keep a  strict eye on any suspicious employee and know about any suspected activity on time to minimize possible destruction.

Capture the Surrounding As Well:

An interesting feature offered by the spy app as it captures the surrounding target and reports it to the user. The combination of mic bug app and camera bug feature is lethal in the sense that an employee is virtually under your eyes even if he or she is working from home. You cannot only listen to all their conversation or surrounding chat but can also keep a strict eye on the surrounding environment and company as well. With the GPS location tracking feature and the above-mentioned bug feature, remote working has been easy for us as we can check the whereabouts and movent alert of the target employee just with few clicks.

The OgyMogy not only offers Mic Bug, camera bug, and GPS location tracking features for employers but many other distinguishing ones, that can be a great deal of help. For example, the keylogging feature ket the user know about the keystrokes applied on the target device. Any employee who tries to sell company secrets or any other important documentation can be tracked very easily through this feature. Another that got my attention is the one who can check the screen of any employee live at any given time. This real-time screen monitoring can not only be made the employees attentive and focused but is also helpful for the team lead or direct boss to check the progress or quality of work from time to time.



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