Angular vs Vue: Hire angular developers to implement the best Javascript framework of 2021

In front-end development, Javascript frameworks are most preferred as they offer hassle-free cross-platform app development as well as provide functionalities for future advancements. 

However, not every framework enjoys the same popularity. When it comes down to it, Angular and Vue stand out.  

Angular.js and Vue.js are powerful JavaScript frameworks that enable front-end developers to create interactive user experiences. Angular is a TypeScript structured framework, while Vue is a lighter alternative that deploys faster for simpler projects. 

Both the frameworks offer a plethora of benefits making it difficult to pick a favorite. Most companies find it hard to decide whether they must hire angular developers or Vue developers for their app development projects.

Hence, in this blog, we compare the finer points of Vue with the best attributes of Angular to finally put an end to the age-old Angular vs Vue debate to help businesses decide on a  framework that suits them.

 How does Angular work?

Angular is a front-end Javascript framework that offers full-stack solutions for mobile app development needs. It is widely regarded as the most systematic and structured front-end framework in the market. 

Angular operates similar to an MVC structure. It contains all components and functions required for full-stack mobile app solutions. Most companies prefer to hire angular developers for building robust angular applications, as it comes with built-in tools and libraries that don’t hinder the speed or size of the application. Its reusable code can be utilized for any implementation and it also offers development across all platforms.  

Advantages of Angular

  • Tools

Angular provides a number of tools, features, and filters such as virtual scrolling, Node 10 support, lazy loading, and such. Hence Angular app development aids developers in creating a faster and more efficient environment.

  • Server-Side Rendering

The angular framework provides improved server-side rendering features to increase the speed of the client-side page. It generates a JavaScript framework that is more SEO-friendly.

  • Testing and Maintenance

Angular IO offers sophisticated debugging and recompilation features that make the maintenance and testing of projects less cumbersome to developers. Furthermore, it can inspect an entire project with a debugging tool or even better its own integrated testing suite that runs unit tests using Protractor, Karma, or Jasmine. Because these tools are extremely efficient at detecting issues in your code it alleviates the need for you to ensure highly efficient results before moving forward. 

How does Vue.js work

Vue is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript-based framework that provides a diverse web application for building a variety of single-page applications. Since the application is built around change creation, it has no influence on any core feature of the business once it has been implemented. This gives you the opportunity for creating Vue app with dynamic experiences within the UI. Vue also allows you to extend the functionalities of your product or service with customized modules and components that are visually appealing.

Advantages of Vue

  • Memory Consumption

Another advantage of Vue.js development is that the final product application is lightweight. As a result, it is the first choice for users who require low memory consumption while still having access to a wide range of features.

  • Speed of Download

One of the main reasons developers prefer Vue is that it has a minimal app size. The apps built on Vue are easier to download and offer a quick operation

  • Readability

Vue is written in Javascript and possesses numerous clean codes that are easy to read and understand. Anybody can use this framework to further their app development process. 

Demand for the frameworks

According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Survey, 66 percent of developers use Vue.js to create web apps, while the remaining 54 percent use Angular to create web apps.

Vue.js clearly has more demand among developers. 

Angular vs Vue: Detailed comparison


When compared to Angular, Vue is easier to manage in terms of design and API. Anyone with a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can use Vue to create a Single Page Application in no time. 

Angular is undeniably more complex. To understand the core concepts of Angular, developers must spend a significant amount of time reading through the Angular documentation. It is difficult for a beginner to learn Angular and begin developing an application. 

Hence creating Vue app would be much less complex and easier to manage than employing Angular. 


Scalability is an important aspect in app development as companies look for the flexibility to expand the functionalities and features of their apps in the future, in case the customer demands more services. 

And developers prefer angular app development as Angular was built for creating scalable apps. It offers a dynamic modular development structure, powerful CLI, and design. 

In the case of scalability, Vue.js is not preferred. While most developers doubt the efficiency of Vue.js in such a project, the lack of experienced Vue.js developers in the market also plays a role. However, vue offers an easy learning curve, so the dynamics seem to be shifting in its favor quite soon.

Hence, hire angular developers to build a scalable web application.


The performance level of any web and mobile app is directly affected by the Document Object Model.

Vue.js operates on Virtual DOM. It reflects the changes in the real DOM only on the components that developers modify. However, Angular employs real DOM, which modifies the entire page even when a single component is changed. 

Vue.js wins this round because the VirtualDOM approach makes it more efficient and accelerates app performance capabilities.


Vue.js is less opinionated and offers a wide variety of build systems with no constrained app structure. This gives more flexibility and freedom to the developers. 

On the other hand, Angular is an opinionated framework, so developers are constrained to adhere to the pre-defined project structure and design patterns. 

Vue.js might seem confusing at times due to its high flexibility, but it does still come out on top when compared with Angular. 

To Wrap it up

While Angular has been evolving rapidly, updating and adding new features to its framework to facilitate an easier and better user experience; Vue is a technically sound framework that will assist in building clean codes, solving complex problems, and making it easier for you to write high-quality user interfaces.

These frameworks are at par with each other in most cases and bring different benefits to the table. The best practice would be to choose according to the requirements of your project. In case you are building applications with interactive elements or working towards seamless integration between multiple apps, then Vue.js is the best choice. 

In the same way, you can hire Angular developers for creating progressive web apps with dynamic content or building enterprise web applications. 

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