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5 Different Types of Kitchen Marble Countertops

According to most interior designers, marble countertops are the ultimate choice for kitchen countertops. Marble has always been the top choice. Why? Well simply because it looks beautiful and functions efficiently. There are different stones for countertops. But most homeowners prefer kitchen marble countertops.

Professionals categorize marble countertops based on their color and their vein-like pattern. The benefit of marble is that it comes in a variety of hues and colors than most people think. Usually, people go for white marble with blue or grey veins in it. But actually, there are plenty of amazing options in marble countertops for the kitchen.

The origin of marble determines its quality and usage. Below are the different types of kitchen marble countertops that are used worldwide:

  1. Carrara
  2. Statuary
  3. Calacatta
  4. Nero Marquina
  5. Crema Marfil

1.     Carrara:

  • Carrara is the most popular type of kitchen marble amongst homeowners. It is an Italian-originated marble. Some marble slabs may be related to Tuscany but usually, it’s from the Italian region.
  • This type of kitchen marble countertops is available in many different hues including, grey, blue, and pale pink, and light green. But the most common Carrara marble is the white one.
  • It has a linear veining pattern, naturally engraved in it. Sometimes the veins are finely spread and sometimes they are spread in hues. The vein-like design usually comes in blue, grey, and light pink.
  • This marble countertop gives both an elegant and luxurious look to the kitchen.

2.     Statuary:

  • Statuary is considered to be the classic one. it is also originated from Italy. The most interesting thing about this marble is that it is used to carve some of the greatest statues of the world, hence the name.
  • This type of marble has a limited color edition. It comes naturally in grey color with dark or light grey veining pattern in it. It simply adds to the contrast in these countertops.
  • This type of marble countertops has a brighter and luxurious shiny feel than Carrara ones. It complements the dark-colored cabinets effectively.
  • This marble countertop can be installed for a stylish and lush kitchen.

3.     Calacatta:

  • Calacatta is another most popular white marble. It is quite rare and expensive. It also comes from the italic region. Some people confuse it with Carrara based on their similarities.
  • It is mostly available in pure and thick white background with dark grey or gold vein-like patterns on it. It does not vary in color or hues.
  • The variation of design adds to the richness and originality of the stone. Gold veins are not regular but rarely found.
  • For kitchen countertops, Calacatta is one of the best options. It gives both a cool and warm feel to the kitchen. It gives a luxurious yet dramatic outlook to the kitchen.

4.     Nero Marquina:

  • Marbles are naturally white in color and origin. But true black marbles do exist. If you are one of those who would like to have authentic black marble countertops for the kitchen. Then you should look for Nero Marquina marble.
  • They are originated from Spain. It is a high-quality stone that is deep black in color. It has visible white veining patterns in it.
  • Black kitchen marble slabs are in demand at this time of year. That is why most homeowners demand this type of marble countertops globally. It is not only about its aesthetics but also for its fine grain quality.
  • This type of marble countertops is an ideal option to have a dramatic and stylish kitchen. It is beautiful, different, and functional.

5.     Crema Marfil:

  • Crema Marfil marble is also another one from Spain. It might be from a distinct origin but of the same fine quality stone. It is quite commonly used.
  • It is a neutral-colored stone that is readily available to install as kitchen countertops. Its white crème shade along with beige and yellow hues adds to the elegance of the kitchen.
  • It has irregular vein patterns interspersed throughout the slab. It is a natural stone that looks outstanding with dark cabinets. It is quite commonly used for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • It gives a decent and neutral look to the kitchen with simple aesthetics.


Marble countertops are a great idea if you want to enhance the look of a kitchen from elegant to luxurious. The wide variety of colors and vein patterns make it versatile, and these relatively common options make it quite affordable. If you are looking for kitchen marble countertops then look into the above-mentioned different types of marble countertops. Each one has its own specialties, so go with whatever suits your taste in home décor.



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