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Why Use PVC Cabinets In Your Modular Kitchen

PVC Cabinets In Your Modular Kitchen

Homeowners prefer modular kitchens over traditional kitchens because of various reasons. This is because modular kitchens offer more storage and stay organised. Mostly, cabinets are installed for creating additional storage in kitchens. Depending on your requirements, you can choose cabinets of any size to ensure all your kitchen essentials fit easily. Since they make use of vertical space, they are considered perfect in small kitchen spaces. You also get different options when choosing the material of the cabinet. Among all the options, many homeowners prefer opting for PVC. PVC modular kitchens have gained immense popularity in the last few years because you can get plenty of design and colour options, and the material is quite inexpensive. Homeowners looking for economical options to create an appealing kitchen can opt for a PVC modular kitchen.

What are PVC cabinets?

People mostly know about PVC pipes and other plumbing materials. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is basically a mass-produced polymer. It was used previously in the construction industry, healthcare industry, automobile industry, and a few other industries. However, PVC has now become immensely popular and is being used in many different industries for various purposes. This is because it is proving to be more advantageous compared to other alternatives.

What are the different types of PVC kitchen cabinets?

In a PVC modular kitchen, there are two types of PVC used. While one of them is called hollow boards, the other variant is called foam. As the name implies, hollow boards are hollow from the inside and hence, they are lightweight. Compared to hollow boards, foam is thicker and heavier. As a result, it is stronger and more durable than hollow boards. But, this also makes it a more expensive option. People looking for affordable options generally prefer hollow boards.

Should you choose PVC kitchen cabinets?

Just like other materials, PVC has a few advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide on finalising the decision, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the material. If you are not aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of PVC, mentioned below are a few that will help you to make the right decision:

Advantages of PVC kitchen cabinets

Here are the various advantages of using PVC in your modular kitchen design:

  • PVC is a non-toxic material. You do not have to worry about it affecting anyone’s health.
  • You can easily create a very appealing and beautiful modular kitchen using PVC cabinets. They feature a smooth and high-gloss surface.
  • The mirror-like finish of the high-gloss synthetic material lasts very long. Also, it makes interiors appear brighter.
  • You do not have to worry about your PVC kitchen cabinets getting damaged. PVC is a sturdy material that does not damage or chip easily.
  • Since the kitchen is a very busy place, any surface can get scratched from sharp and pointed items used. PVC is a scratch-resistant material. There are very low chances of your PVC kitchen cabinets getting scratched.
  • When kitchen cabinets are installed near the sink, they can get exposed to water. This is why you should use materials that are resistant to water. Otherwise, the material might get damaged. PVC is a water-resistant material and your cabinets will not get damaged by water.
  • Natural light is essential in your kitchen interiors. However, long exposure to sunlight can damage your modular kitchen material. To avoid damage from UV rays, you can choose products like PVC.
  • You can create a very luxurious appeal in your kitchen design using PVC.

Disadvantages of PVC kitchen cabinets

Although there are many advantages that make it a great choice for your kitchen, PVC has a few disadvantages as well. Here are the various disadvantages of using a PVC modular kitchen design:

  • If you are planning to use the kitchen cabinets for a prolonged period of time, PVC might not be the best choice for you. After a period of time, your PVC kitchen cabinets can fall off if not replaced.
  • Many people prefer opting for hollow boards for their kitchen cabinets as they are a cheaper alternative. However, since the boards are hollow, they can become an infestation ground for many bugs and insects. As a result, your kitchen will get unhygienic.
  • If a particular place of your PVC kitchen cabinet gets damaged, you cannot get it repaired. You will have to replace the cabinet and pay for a new one.
  • Although you get lots of options when choosing colour and designs for your PVC kitchen cabinets, other materials can offer you more options.
  • You will get PVC in many vibrant and attractive colours. However, the colour can fade over time and make the cabinets appear unappealing.
  • Fire is used in the kitchen but PVC is not fire-resistant.

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