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Is Transitional Furniture Right for Your Home?

  As the name implies, a transitional furniture piece is one that falls between a traditional look and a modern look. These have features of both styles and can be used in all types of setups. You may find options that might be inclined more toward one design, but they stay away from either extreme. Therefore, you can use them to create an interior design that has elements of both worlds. Many people are under the impression that the transitional style is boring. Contrary to that, it is more subtle. That does not make the appearance of transitional furniture pieces boring.

Also, they have a timeless appeal that will allow you to use the furniture for a very long time without losing out on style.

Transitional style features

A transitional furniture piece does not feature intricate designs of traditional setups or ultra-sleek modern ideas. Its design falls in the centre of both styles. Here are the various features of transition furniture:

  • Transitional furniture designs focus on simple and sophisticated lines. However, you will not find any stark straight lines that you see on modern furniture. These simple lines are not always straight. They can be curved as well. These curves are more gentle, though, than traditional furniture pieces used in home interiors.
  • Transitional furniture pieces are of medium size. This helps to complement the balanced look. These neither appear too bulky and heavy, nor too light and compact. Therefore, you can use them in both large and small rooms.
  • You may notice some carving on these furniture pieces, like the ones on traditional furniture. However, these carvings are only used as accents. They do not cover the entire furniture. Hence, they do not cause a lot of visual clutter in your room interiors as well.
  • The furniture pieces used in traditional setups usually have dark shades. In modern setups, you will generally find light shades where dark shades have been used as accents. However, transitional furniture pieces feature subdued colours in wood finishes and upholstery fabrics.
  • The transitional style is not very formal. Rather, it focuses on creating a casual and cosy space where you feel invited and relaxed. You can use them in any theme that focuses on an informal setup.
  • When choosing furniture design for home, you will have to consider the person who will use the room. While some furniture feature masculine elements, others feature feminine elements. However, it will not be a problem when choosing transition furniture. It has features of both elements. Hence, they are perfect for everyone.

Materials and Colours

You can find transitional furniture pieces in many different materials. Also, you get them in many colours as well. If you are buying transitional furniture for your home interiors, here are a few things you should know:

  • The colour of the wood used in transitional furniture is lighter than the colour of the wood used in traditional furniture. However, you can find transitional furniture pieces in darker finishes and painted finishes.
  • You will find transitional furniture made up of metal, glass, and wood together. However, you will not find sleek options that are used in contemporary furniture. In some cases, they might be used but only for adding details.
  • The most common material you will find in transitional furniture pieces is leather. People love this feature about transitional furniture pieces. You can find many of the featuring distressed leather as well. This is because leather helps to create a casual and comfortable room design that is required in a transitional style home interior.
  • The fabrics of transitional furniture pieces are also specific. In most transitional furniture pieces, you will notice textured fabrics like ultrasuede, corduroys, and chenilles. Textured fabrics are preferred because transitional furniture pieces feature subdued colours.
  • The fabric colours are crucial as well. You will mostly find neutral-coloured fabrics on transitionfurniture. A few common examples are shades of olive, taupe, creamy white, and tan.


As mentioned earlier, transition furniture pieces have a subtle and subdued look. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to add a few accent pieces to the space. You can show off your collections and various accessories. Experts suggest opting for eclectic accessories for your transitional furniture pieces. However, you can choose quiet or vintage pieces as well. Here is how you can accessorise in a transitional style:

  • When it comes to living room furniture design lay a rug in the room. Look for textured rugs for an appealing look. Just avoid very complex patterns. Simple geometrical patterns are considered better.
  • Decorate the walls using mirrors. They will brighten up the space and make the home interiors appear more spacious.
  • You can use mirrored screens. However, Asian-inspired room dividers are acceptable as well.
  • Look for simple yet elegant furnishings, like a candle holder or vase.

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