IRobot Roomba i7 Vs 980 Which Should You Buy?

IAdapt navigation technology

The main reason for Roomba’s success is the development of iAdapt navigation technology.

Fortunately, the iRobot Roomba i7 has the latest version of iAdapt technology, software version 3.0 which makes the i7 more efficient with permanent mapping.

Product not found. Compare to the i7, there is no iAdapt software version. Roomba 980 ships with version 2.0 of the iAdapt navigation software.

Intelligent mapping “Print”

Again, I’m lucky the i7 has this unique feature. Devices older than Roomba 980 do not have this feature. Intelligent print matching allows the device to convince the vacuum cleaner to clean the room by name. This feature allows the robot to remember the layout of individual rooms and assign them labels. This feature can be enabled from the iRobot home App.

Battery life

Roomba 980 runs for 120 minutes and Roomba i7 runs for 75 minutes on a single charge. Therefore, it is clear that the Roomba 980 is a great option for battery life conscious users of their device. But is it really a big deal? If you’re going to be choosing between the high-tech and powerful i7 and the Roomba 980 with long battery life, I think you should bet on the i7’s performance instead of a few minutes of battery life.

Automatic dirt removal

Roomba i7 is here! This is because it has this unique automatic stain removal feature. This means you don’t have to empty the Trash regularly and save time for other tasks. With the i7, you can empty your device and put it in a sealed disposable bag that can hold up to 30 full garbage cans. This makes Roomba i7 the best intelligent vacuum cleaner on the market. Sorry, the product has not been found. This property is released.

Size and weight

The iRobot Roomba i7 was slightly smaller in both diameter and height, and no items were found. Although this difference is not significant enough to decide which device to buy.

Cleaning performance

The Roomba i7 is an all-round robotic vacuum cleaner compared to the Roomba 980 as it is the world’s best unmatched cleaning. Roomba i7 is designed to provide a relaxing user experience, so it cleans wooden floors, tiles, carpets, loose hair and allergens more effectively than the Roomba 980. The Roomba i7 will take care of all your cleaning needs slightly more efficiently than the Roomba 980.


Motor power is one of the most important factors consumers should consider when purchasing electrical equipment. The engine is responsible for the suction power of the device. Higher suction will remove read more comparison dirt from the floor. IRobot Roomba 7 and No. It has a high vacuum force. The R00mba 980 is equipped with a third generation brushless motor that outperforms other efficient motors on the market. It has high mode, this motor can produce 1700pa in normal mode up to 1000pa. Roomba i7 has the same engine, but in addition to Normal and High, there are more “eco” and “turbo” modes. The vacuum power operates in the same range of 1000-1700 Pa as 980.

Container management

Let’s see another difference between the two devices. Container management is hard work for users. As a result, Roomba i7 comes with an automatic garbage removal system that allows users to enjoy a great experience with less maintenance. Unlike the Roomba i7, the Roomba i7 has a box management system that requires the user to empty it every time. With this feature, users could not experience the magic of automation. The Roomba i7 is compatible with the iRobot clean base unit, so when the trash can is full, the device empties the trash can.



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