How Mobile Apps can be the Next Big Thing for your Business?

How Mobile Apps can be the Next Big Thing for your Business?

The concept of mobile development refers to the creation of applications (utilities, games, etc.) especially for portable equipment (mobile, tablets, smartwatches, and other devices in this category). The purpose of these applications is to provide beneficiaries with various possibilities for fun or solutions/options to simplify certain actions in their lives.

For those who want to download apps to their Android mobile, there is a large number to choose from, at present, there are almost 3 million apps for download in the Google Play Store. Developing apps for Android instead of iOS is a wise choice, as Android users are the largest target group globally. Here is a brief description of some of the most popular frameworks for creating cross-platform mobile apps. You just need to hire android app developer India for a highly professional and responsive mobile app.

Choosing a framework for a mobile app is often a matter of personal preference, and the framework rarely affects how the finished app looks and works. Hoy has experience with many methods for creating apps, but in the end we almost always recommend a cross-platform app created with React Native. React Native is a well-documented and production-tested open-source framework that fits in well with our other expertise as a web developer.

Is a mobile application required for an online store?

The studies listed above show that a mobile application is vital for eCommerce projects. Such an application in combination with adapting the site to the mobile version is a profitable business strategy in the eCommerce segment.

Can we compare which is the best option for e-commerce: the site optimized for mobile or the mobile application?

However, in order to increase sales and customer loyalty to the brand, in order to attract new customers, a mobile application is needed to contain the products listed on the site, to allow the placing of orders and their easy tracking.

Let’s see the various types of mobile applications and why they solve these digital marketing goals better than a site adapted for the mobile version.

  • Mobile web applications – their development is fast, does not require high costs, and the way of working is through a web interface. The application is a site itself, uploading it directly from the site. However, the level of interaction is lower, due to the need to install a browser, but also the fact that the level of intuition is not among the best.
  • Native applications – offer a high level of interaction, the installation is done directly on the beneficiary’s device, are intuitive, do not involve a continuous internet connection and are created in specific writing languages. They have higher costs and are only available on specialized platforms.
  • Hybrid applications- try to take over the characteristics of other types of applications. It consists of a back-end code and a code loaded via a web interface. They do not involve the use of a browser, do not have such high costs as the native ones and interact with the device elements at API level.


In recent years, eCommerce has grown dramatically. Given the current trends, the development of applications for mobile devices from android developers India will give online stores a competitive advantage increased sales and customer loyalty to the brand. Undoubtedly, the future of digital commerce is in the hands of mobile applications.


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