Important Things to Know About CUET!

Important Things to Know About CUET!

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will start taking applications for the Common University Entrance Test 2022 on April 2. (CUET 2022). The University of Georgia and the National Transportation Authority made the formal CUCET announcement today, March 27, on the official website. The Central University Common Entrance Test, often known as the CUET, has commenced.

What exactly is CUET?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) chairperson, M Jagadesh Kumar, recently declared that the first-ever standard admission test will be offered in the first week of July at all 45 Central institutions.

On Tuesday, the National Testing Agency (NTA) would announce the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) test format or Cuet mock test BBA, he added. The deadline for candidates to submit their applications will be the first week of April.

According to Kumar, CUET scores will be the sole criterion for admission to these undergraduate programs, and the results of the Class 12 Board test would be ignored. Universities, he believes, can only evaluate eligibility based on the outcomes of board exams.

Common Entrance Exam for Universities

The University Grants Commission announced earlier this month that the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) will be used to assess admissions to undergraduate programs at all UGC-affiliated central universities. The admissions test for this year is set during the first week of July.

The University Grants Commission requires CUET for undergraduate admission to any of the country’s key universities (UGC). The test will be administered by the National Testing Agency in 2022. Each Central institution will admit students based on a merit list prepared by the National Testing Agency following the publication of the CUET results (NTA).

The National Testing Agency was established in November 2017 to administer admissions examinations for higher education institutions. The organization was established to achieve “one India, one exam” on any topic.

2022 CUET Syllabus

According to the exam structure, CUCET will be divided into four sections. There will be an obligatory language test, two domain-specific examinations, and a general exam on the Cuet notes. Section 1A includes a variety of languages. This section contains a total of 13 different languages. Select a language from the drop-down menu. In Section IB, you can speak 19 different languages.

Any extra language can be chosen in addition to the ones specified in Section IA. To pass the exam, candidates must attempt 40 questions out of 50 in each language. For aspirants, 45 minutes will be provided for each language. In Section II, under the heading “Domain,” there are 27 domain-specific themes.

Important Instructions for CUET 2022

According to the NTA’s announcement, choosing options from each segment is not essential. Options should be picked depending on how well they fit the requirements of the target university.

A candidate may pick a maximum of three languages from each Section when Sections IA and IB are taken at the same time. One of the languages must be chosen as a stand-in if Domain-Specific Subjects are not available.

Candidates can choose six subjects from a list of 27 in Section II. Candidates must examine the requirements of their intended university before picking Languages (up to three) from sections A and B, six Subjects from sections II, and the General Test from section III.


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