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How Will Interactive Video Help You Create Relevant Content In Just A Few Steps?

We live in the future. “Video” is no longer just a way to go from point A to point B in the timeline. An open world full of Sky rim style possibilities. Content marketers strive to create relevant content for all segment groups and showcase all their different offers and products. This comes with the pressure to create content for all the different channels in your marketing mixes. It’s too much.

Interactive post video can be a creative solution that will allow you – at least partially – to get rid of this clutter.

Interactive post videos make it easy to create relevant content in just a few steps. And then we end with some great examples.

What is interactive post video?

“Interaction” can be interpreted in many different ways. Maybe if you can pause / play a avple movie you could say it’s interactive post.

Well, what we’re talking about goes way beyond that.

Interactive post video may include or include:


Questions and Answers

Branching videos (your choice affects where you go)

Meet the team

Video exchange

Video shopping with integrated shopping cart

Creative playlist

And a lot more.

Since “interactive post” video essentially just means: video with interactive post buttons / pictures / media (etc), there is no limit to what you can create with technology.

For a movie to be interactive post, interactive post elements must be in the Player window. An example would be a fashion runway with interactive post product images that viewers can click to see more information or to add a product to their cart in the video.

Why interactive post video?

Let’s start by saying that online video is fast becoming the preferred medium for receiving and communicating information on the Internet. Here you will find the statistics we collected on the use and consumption of online videos in 2021.

According to a CMO Council / Pitney Bowes data study, the two most important criteria that will make online video valuable for consumers to use in decision-making are that it reflects the specific products they are interested in and can leverage your interaction with the video to decide what and when to watch.

Interactive post video helps you create more relevant content

Do you use interactive post elements in your movie, such as navigation options (“Which category would you like to see?” “What part of the movie do you want?”) Or personal questions (“What is important to you?”). “What is your favorite color”? ) – get to the bottom of what interests your audience. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and supports the website visit -> the shopping journey.

Your viewers want to watch personalized video content, be in control of their own experiences, and receive content that’s right for them. Interactive post video allows you to tag all items in that list, perhaps one video.

How to create interactive post movies

To create an interactive post movie, you need one of two things: individual help from a development team, or an editor who allows you to create your own interactive post movie. The potential problem with these options is that both can be quite expensive. And if you’re just testing the technology, you may not want to break the bank just yet.



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