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Vancouver website development- How should it be?

Vancouver website development- How should it be?

Individuals and institutions who want to be more visible in digital environments. And to reach the places they deserve prefer professional web design works. Professional Vancouver website development works make companies look reliable and unique online. In today’s conditions, websites have a very important place for many people and institutions. Design and content are important for each website in terms of compliance with the industry. By ensuring this compatibility, the sites can be designed to reach every user in a global sense. Thus, the growth of the target customer groups of the websites is ensured.

Especially e-commerce sites should be active 24/7 so that they can sell at any time of the day. Keeping websites open all the time, increasing sales and marketing revenues, and reducing campaign and advertising expenses can only be achieved with professional web designs.

What are the Elements to Consider in Vancouver Website Development?

It is very important to determine the right target in web designs. In web designs, it is necessary to make a design in line with the needs and purposes of the websites. To direct the companies to the customer quickly and accurately, to offer ease of use and to be seo compatible.

Web designs, which visually determine the existence of the sites, should be made in a way that will attract the attention of the visitors and ensure that they stay on the site for a long time. In terms of search engine optimization, all necessary conditions must be met for it to appear in the first place in search engines. While designing websites, customer and visitor-oriented studies should be carried out. A web design work done in this way is prepared in a format that meets the needs of visitors and customers, is fast, manageable, faultless, functional and reflects the identity of the companies in the most accurate way. In addition, in quality design work, designs that can easily reach potential customers for companies and institutions. As well as target customer groups should be made.

The designs of the websites constitute the digital showcases of the brands. This situation requires as serious a study as establishing a new brand. In addition to all the important elements we have mentioned, web design prices are also a very important issue. Web design processes require creative work. Considering its technical features and serious working conditions, it can be observed that it is a costly area. However, when making web design service requests, the quality of the design should be emphasized rather than cheapness. Otherwise, it becomes inevitable to lag behind competitors. For this reason, when choosing a company for web design works, unprofessional people and agencies that are below the average price range should not be preferred.

With the Vancouver website development projects it has carried out since 2010, Web Design Vancouver has enabled the companies it serves to become the leading names in their sectors. Our company works with a team of experts in its business and takes action by analyzing the needs of the companies to be designed in the best way. Our company, which follows every new technological development and follows the right strategies, is the primary choice of many companies with its high quality, modern designs.

Our company works to integrate institutions into all the changes and technologies in the digitalizing world day by day. Minimizing the marketing and sales costs, our company makes plans to carry the brands up. Thus, while the sales revenues of the brands increase, the advertising and marketing expenses are minimized.

We are aware of the fact that a quality web design is possible with a well-designed corporate identity for the needs, and we produce the most suitable solutions for our customers at every stage of the process.

Vancouver website development offers Web Design, E-Commerce and Google Ads Advertising services with the highest quality, uniqueness and to meet all needs.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means an easily reachable design. Recently, this design style has become quite popular and inevitable. This web design structure, which has emerged with the increase in the usage rate of smartphones and tablets and is popular all over the world, ensures that websites are reshaped and fit on the screen in cases where they are visited via mobile devices and tablets.

Responsive design is usually designed in 3 stages. These stages are; desktop, tablet and mobile versions.

Visiting and viewing websites using mobile devices is more difficult. Especially if the visited sites are not responsive or mobile sites, it is not possible to examine the sites without scrolling and magnifying the screen. It is possible that the menus and links of non-responsive sites cannot be accessed.

Websites with responsive design are made compatible with mobile devices. Thus, users can easily perform in-site visits. Images, menus, fonts and images of the sites designed in this format are listed one under the other so that they can be easily read. Every element that is of low importance for websites is hidden on mobile devices, and the most important information about the page is shown to the visitors in its simplest form.

In addition to all these privileges, responsive sites are also strongly supported by search engines. It is much more convenient to make websites responsive with a single url rather than using a separate domain name for their mobile versions. The reason for this can be explained as the search engines ranking results in searches made from mobile devices, regardless of the mobile compatibility of the pages.

The rate of visiting websites using mobile devices is increasing day by day all over the world. For this reason, responsive pages are gaining importance.

AMP Web Design

AMP stands for accelerated mobile page. This work was developed by the Google software team and is a free web design library. The primary purpose of AMP is to ensure that websites load quickly, especially on mobile devices.

As of 2015, it has been officially announced by Google that searches made from mobile devices have surpassed desktop searches. With the massive increase in the use of smart mobile devices and tablets, searches using these devices have increased at the same scale. However, late loading pages on mobile devices in the first place caused users to be dissatisfied. The fact that mobile applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter work at high speeds and are easy to use were very pleasing to the users.

In order to eliminate this situation, Google has worked to bring the websites to the same quality as mobile applications. Individuals and institutions that want to rise to the first place in Google have made their websites mobile-friendly.

The fact that the websites are mobile compatible makes them easier to use. However, this does not ensure that the pages are opened quickly and easily. For this reason, Google has included the opening speeds of websites among the search ranking factors. In this way, it is intended to promote pages.

In technical terms, speeding up pages is not as easy and simple as making them mobile-friendly. For this reason, Google has implemented the AMP project as of 2016 in order to solve this problem.

What is AMP and How Does It Work?

AMP, which accelerates the opening of mobile pages, was developed by Google software engineers. This open-source library contains all the components they need to build websites. However, it is strictly not allowed to use any component other than these components in the library in AMP. It is not possible to add components such as javascript codes and resources to websites.

CSS used for web designs can be written in maximum size of 75 kb. No other CSS resources can be used. It is natural that all these rules are included in AMP. Because, such rules and restrictions are needed in order to reduce page opening speeds to short times on mobile devices.

AMP sites also save a lot of servers by hosting all of the scripts on Google servers. Valid AMP sites are registered on Google servers. Google quickly shows these pages with the lightning icon in the results section.


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