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How do I find a good coach?

There are many thousands of coaches in united states-speaking countries. Finding the right coach for you can be a challenge. However, choosing the right coach is central to the success of the upcoming consultation. The search for the right coach requires patience, but also a few tangible criteria.

Admittedly, it is not easy to define the perfect coach. Many different concepts are used in practice. The heterogeneity also offers the chance to find the optimal consulting offer for oneself in the wide range. Because coaching is a very individual topic, a standardized recipe does not necessarily have to increase the quality.

Reflect on your coaching needs and preferences

In a first step, it is therefore important to think about your own concerns and preferences: Do I want an older or a younger coach? Does gender matter to me? Which topics do I want to tackle? Our introductory test (available here shortly) offers a little help in this regard. This will help you to become clear about the reason for the coaching and your preferences.

What can the coach do?

If you have now found suitable and likeable profiles in your area, then you need to compare the profiles and websites of the coaches with your own ideas. In particular, you should consider the following aspects for more information.

The result of your research should be a list of favorites with two to three candidates. Feel free to prioritize the list and then get in touch. When contacting the coach, you can already see whether your favorites are easy to reach and react quickly. In the course of a coaching, accessibility is not an insignificant criterion!

The first coaching: Use the first meeting

Professional coaches often offer a free initial consultation. The date of getting to know each other can be very different. For some, it’s just a matter of introducing each other and matching expectations. Other consultants already get into the coaching at the first appointment. That’s why the length also varies: the conversation often lasts about an hour, but sometimes up to two hours. It shouldn’t be less than half an hour; after all, you want to get a well-founded impression of the coach’s personality and skills.

Use the meeting to clarify the following things:

Process and duration: What methods and procedures does the coach use? How long is the coaching expected to last?

Training & skills: Did the coach tell you about his qualifications and experiences? Have you gained confidence in his abilities?


Concern & interest: Did the coach understand your topic? Did he devote enough time to your descriptions and showed interest?

Fee: The question of fee also belongs in an initial discussion. The coaches often send an official offer afterwards, which also specifies the duration of the coaching.

Rooms & Arrival: Do you feel comfortable in the rooms? Is the journey feasible for you or is it too expensive?

Found a coach? Listen to your gut feeling!

After the appointment, take a few days to make up your mind. Talking to one or two other candidates may be helpful. A professional coach will give you enough time to think about it. The bottom line is that you can imagine working with the coach. In addition to all the hard facts, a good start in coaching also requires sympathy and a small leap of faith.





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